Algarve is the most southern part of Portugal, located at the Atlantic Ocean. Why is the Algarve such a popular holiday destination? The most important factor is definitely the sun! We have more than 300 days of sun each year, a mild climate in the winter and a nice breeze in the summer. But the weather is not the only factor, there are a lot of highlights Algarve as well.

One of the highlights Algarve are the beaches. Algarve Portugal has beautiful beaches, varying from white sandy and long stretched beaches to small, cosy ones surrounded by beautiful rock formations. Other highlights Algarve are the friendly Portuguese people and the delicious and inexpensive food and drinks. Along the entire coast of the Algarve you can find restaurants and bars with live music and tropical cocktails. Throughout the year there are many festivals to attend. Music and events are also definitely highlights Algarve! Just as dolphin watching is. There are too many highlights to mention, you just have to explore the Algarve to find more hidden highlights Algarve! 

Highlights near your villa

All our rental villas are located in beautiful Algarve with highlights Algarve nearby. Further inland near the historical Silves with its Moorish castle, we have some unique luxury villas. And we have some fantastic villas for rent in the Monchique mountain area, where you can find the highest top of the Algarve. In the east you find the impressive fish market of Olhao, the biggest one in the Algarve. All our villas are not far from the number one entertainment park Zoo Marine, another one of the highlights Algarve you should not miss!

Nature Algarve

The nature in Algarve Portugal is beautiful and varied. Every month you can see different blooming flowers and plants. The surprising nature has something to offer and explore all year round!


Adults as well as children love beaches! The Algarve has plenty of beautiful white sandy beaches. Over 70 beaches Algarve have a ‘blue flag’, meaning ‘save and guarded’. Ideal for children!


Just like every other European region, the Algarve also has its own culture. Traditional folklore, eating sardines, old man playing domino and drinking beer in a garage with friends. Welcome to Algarve Portugal!

Restaurant and Bars

The Algarve has many restaurants and bars. They vary from little snack bars and pastelarias to Michelin-star restaurants. Bars can be found in every small village and at every beach along the Algarve.

Weather and Climate

The Algarve has over 300 days of sunshine per year. You can almost be sure when you watch the beautiful Algarvian sunset, the sun will come back the next day. The Algarve has a very mild climate, all year around.