The evocative battlements of a medieval castle. A maze of narrow, white streets where craftsmen carry on age-old traditions. The vertical lines of the minaret of an ancient mosque. The broad horizons of a revered sanctuary set high a hill. Just a few facets of Loulé Portugal, a town of charming contrast in the Algarve. Located not far from Faro airport, close to the best beaches of the Algarve plus renowned golf courses.

Why rent a villa in the Loulé area?

Loulé Portugal is located central in the Algarve, and is a lively, cosmopolitan town, with nice old buildings, shops, a wide variety of bars and restaurants, and many festivals during the year. Algarve Housing rent a few nice villas in the area of Loulé.

Highlights Loulé

Authentic Portuguese farmers/fisherman’s market, open Monday till Saturday. Parking in the area can be difficult but something will come up, keep looking. Clean, bright, and full of fresh produce, vegetables, fish, bread, baking and handicrafts as well as coffee shops. In case you did not know, Portugal has the best bread and pastries in the world so get them here where the locals buy.
The market is in the center of Loulé Portugal, a place not to miss!
Every Saturday morning the Gypsy market comes to Loulé where the permanent Loulé Market has its place in town. The Loulé market has a long history and is set in good and well laid out premises with small stalls in rooms on the sides and the open market in the main hall. Famous for its fish market it also attracts many of the local handicrafts and local products. There is an attractive arts and culture base range of products some of which are exquisite.

Said to date back to the Moorish period of the 10th century, the mighty walls of Loulé’s castle still stand and look pretty domineering even to this day. The town was conquered by Dom Afonso III (1248-79) in 1249 with the help of the knights of the Order of Santiago. After this the castle was adapted in the following centuries with a main hall added which still stands today and is home to a small museum. As well as this, you can walk up to the wall and along the battlements which offer a good view over the western side of Loulé Portugal.

Convento do Esprito Santo
Located opposite the castle, the Convent of the Holy Spirit was built in the 17th and 18th centuries on the site of a former Convent of Franciscan Nuns of Our Lady of Conception, which held inside a church that no longer survives. Today only the neoclassical cloister remains and is home to the Municipal Art Gallery and a venue for temporary exhibitions and a small museum about the textile industry.

Alcayde’s House
On your way up to the battlements and walls of the castle, be sure to visit this tiny museum which displays a traditional kitchen scene that dates back over the last couple of centuries.

Municipal Archaeological Museum
Housed inside the main hall of the castle, the Loulé’s small museum exhibits many artefacts found on the site of the castle by various archaeological digs. These include Roman capitals, pots, jars, coins etc. The glass floor exposes excavated Moorish ruins.

Convent of Grace
Located just to the south-east of the centre of Loulé Portual, this convent was originally a convent of cloistered Franciscan friars (1328) and later of Augustinian friars (1580). The building was badly damaged in the 1755 earthquake and was sold to private individuals who turned the area of the chapels into living quarters. The great arch of the entrance to the old church, which is in the Gothic style features bunches of pine-cones and flowers at the point of intersection.

Mercy Church
The first reference to the Misericordia of Loulé Portugal was in 1568 and it’s also known as Nossa Senhora dos Pobres (Our Lady of the Poor). Its portico is in the Manueline style, unique to Portugal, as is the upper window. In front of the door is a limestone cross which has on one side the image of Christ on the cross and on the other Our Lady of the Poor. It was made by an unknown carver and dates from the beginning of the 16th century and, again, is in the Manueline style.

Beaches Loulé

Loulé Portugal is located inland, but still not far from some famous, golden, sandy beaches of the Algarve.
As little as 15 minutes drive you find the best beaches of the Algarve at Vilamoura, Quarteira, Vale de Lobo and Quinta do Lago (Golden Triangle)

Activities and Events Loulé

There are always lots of things to do in Loulé Portugal; visit the Saturday market and the daily market, take a look around Loulé castle or visit one of Loulé’s churches. Loulé has lots of events on throughout the year from jazz festivals to the famous Loulé carnival, and the Med Fest in June, a international music festival in the center of Loulé Portugal.

Football stadium
In 2004 the European Championship was held in Spain and Portugal. The football stadium is still used for some football events, but as well concerts of famous artist are held at the football stadium just outside Loulé Portugal.

As Loulé is located close to the famous Golden Triangle, where you can find the best golf courses of Europe. See our page Golf for more information.

Restaurants and bars Loulé

Loulé Portugal has a wide variety of bars and restaurants, from traditional Portuguese restaurants to Asian, Japanese, Thai.

This pedestrianised street is located to the west of the castle and is lined with small shops and a few restaurants and cafés.

Surroundings Loulé

Loulé Portugal is surrounded by beautiful hilly countryside. North of Loulé Portugal you find picturesque villages like Salir and Querenca. Traditional Portuguese villages. Another fairy tale village is Boliqueime, where we have a few nice villas for rent.
South is the famous Golden Triangle with Quinta do Lago, Vale de Lobo and Almancil.

Accommodation Loulé

Algarve Housing rent a few villas in the area of Loulé Portugal. Contact us for more information regarding villas near Loulé Portugal.