The Algarve is a bright and bustling region and hosts many vibrant festivals throughout the year which both locals and visitors alike simply love. Algarve Housing like to share with you some of the best festivals of the Algarve.

There is something for everyone. From colorful local festivals in the Algarve where you may see, and even get involved with, traditional dance, folklore and music, to the larger festivals Portugal, celebrated in all major towns and cities in the region which have become famous across the country and beyond, and attract people from all over the world. 

In the Algarve there is always a reason for celebration, with a temperate climate, and stunning scenery you can often find local festivals in small towns and villages taking place – these are well worth keeping an eye out for in order to absorb the traditions, culture and history of the area. Many festivals in the Algarve, revolve around religion, but also pay homage to the wonderful food and drink that is produced in the Algarve too.

Here are some of the best festivals of the Algarve

Olhao-Seafood festival

A perfect summer festival in the Algarve is the Seafood Festival where you can enjoy dancing, music and fine quality seafood of every variety imaginable. This lively festival takes place in Jardim Patrao Joaquim Lopes, Olhao – right by the Spanish bank, and lasts for 5 days in mid-August.

Portimao- Sardine festival

In the second week of August the fabulous sardine festival in the Algarve, takes place in sunny Portimão in the Western Algarve. This popular festival is a treat for both tourists and locals alike. Each day during the festival there is a colorful parade leading to the festival area where not only can revelers enjoy freshly cooked sardines but a wide variety of other perfectly cooked fish, as well as watch and take part in cooking demonstrations, sample local beers and wines and  enjoy a brilliant firework display which takes place at the end of the last evening of this fantastic festival

Algarve music festivals

The Algarve International Music Festival is not to be missed! This classy festival takes place over June and July with wonderful musical performances as well as song and dance covering a range of genres including jazz, ballet, choral ensembles and the traditional Fado. The festival is celebrated throughout the region so if you are visiting during this time it will be hard to miss it.

Carnival Loule

If you come here to party then the Loule Carnival will not disappoint. This three-day carnival takes place on the streets of Portugal and is a bold, bright and colorful affair involving street processions, music, food and drink and dance. A festival in the Algarve not to be missed!

Easter Loule

Mae Soberena takes place on Easter Sunday and is the region’s most significant religious festival of the Algarve. Mae Soberena, or the Sovereign Mother Festival, sees a statue of her being carried through Loule from her hill shrine. Two weeks later she is returned and flowers are scattered as the procession takes place.

Fatacil Lagoa

The nine-day agricultural celebration, Fatacil, takes place during the last nine days of August and involves food, drink, arts and crafts, and music – a great festival in the Algarve, if you are visiting with children.

Silves Medieval Festival

History lovers will enjoy Silves’ Medieval Fair which takes place each August in historic Silves. The festival is held in its town center and involves packed market stalls, performers and musicians. The Medieval Festival is one of the best-visited festivals of the Algarve.

White Night Loule

The ‘White Night’ is another fantastic festival in the Algarve. Again taking place in August this cool celebration sees party-goers out on the streets, all dressed in white. Relaxed music is played and there are plenty of street performers to keep you entertained.

Of course, these are just some of the festivals in the Algarve that take place throughout the year in the wonderful Algarve region. This is a place buzzing with energy, color and life, so if you are planning to visit the Algarve and can take part in a festival or celebration while you are there, you are sure to have a brilliant time.

Querença-Sausage Festival

Festivals of the Smoked Sausage. This is a wonderful festival usually held on the last weekend in January. It is held in Largo da Igreja/Church Square, Querença and an auction of smoked sausage takes place with any money raised going to charity. The festival is to celebrate Sao Luis, who is the patron saint of animals.