Alte is an extremely pretty village, north of Albufeira, in the midst of some relatively unspoiled and hilly countryside.
On the slopes of the Serra do Caldeirão is Alte Portugal, a typical mountain village in the Algarve. Most streets are so steep and narrow that no traffic is possible. It meanders in an almost bizarre pattern cobbled streets, passing whitewashed houses, often covered with lush flowers in deep colors. Alte is ideally placed for exploring the towns and villages of the central Algarve with Messines and Silves to the west, Salir and Loulé to the east and Algoz, Boliqueime, Paderne and Albufeira to the south.

Highlights Alte

Alte Algarve is famous for its spring water. At the Fonte Pequena the locals fill their bottles with water. There are many places in Alte Algarve for swimming in the pure nature. The Fonte, a lovely canal with water from the springs, is situated in the village. Children can safely swim and picnic at surrounding rustic terraces. 

Alte Portugal is one of Europe’s cultural heritage and its own theater and an events calendar with many village festivities, which the locals of Alte participate in large numbers. Alte is a great place to visit. 

Alte Algarve has existed since the period of the Roman occupation, is the most typical village of the Algarve. With their whitewashed houses, windows and facades with colorful flower beds, and decorated chimneys, the streets of the historical center retain its original charm and tranquility. The area around the church is a delightful snapshot or real Algarve Portugal.

Down Alte Portugal, where the road cuts through the village Alte Algarve you will find the enormous waterfall, there in the deep gorge through subtropical vegetation splashes, is a well hidden secret of the Algarve Portugal.

The Igreja Matriz  of Alte, has a manuelin entrance that is reinforced with bricks as primarily a soft stone was used. Capella is the Nossa Senhora de Lurdes has azuleios(Portuguese tiles) of the 16th century.

Alte Algarve is well known for the springs. Follow the sings Fontes, and you go up hill to the Fontes (springs) of Alte and you find the most lovely place, with chrystal clear water, where you can swim and relax. There are some bars and restaurants, and it is a nice place for a walk along the river.

In February, Alte along with most towns and villages in the Algarve, has a carnival. The main street leading to the church and the side streets around, are cordoned off for the parade. (There is plenty of parking at the beginning of Alte, near the cemetery). The entry cost was just €1.50, including a bag of ‘confetti’ to throw at the floats – or anyone who happened to be near you! Everyone turns out for the afternoon. Carnival in Alte, is defenite something not to be missed!

Activities Alte

Alte is a great base for discovering the authentic Algarve. The climate, the environment and the trails are for example very suitable for mountain bikers.

Mountain biking and walking in Alte, is a very nice activity to do in the Algarve.

Bars and Restaurants

On the way to the church – with the sixteenth-century tiles – you can find the pastry shop: AguaMel.
Here you find traditonal pastries and sweets from the local area. Their patio offers a nice view of the village.

Hotel Alte, is nice place to go, located a bit above Alte and has geourgeous views.

Taste the best regional cuisine in the hills of Alte and the sunset as a backdrop.
Various little bars and restaurants you find in alte, they all serve typical Portuguese dishes for little money!

Surroundings Alte

Alte Algarve, located in the hills, north of Albufeira. So easy access to Albufeira, Loule, Salir, Messines and Silves.

Salir is an unspoilt town dotted with white houses and narrow streets, situated to the north of Faro in Central Algarve, around 10 minutes drive Alte Portugal.Salir is a fairy-like village in the mountains of Serra do Calderao, just north of Loule.Through the year there are a few festivals, like the medieval festival in September, Festival do Pina in June.

Many people visit the area of Salir because of Rocha da Pena, this rocky massif covers over 600 hectares reaching its highest point at 479 metres. The craggy landscape features a limestone cornice reaching 50 metres high and topped by a plateau some two kilometres in length.

Querença is another beautiful old village close to Alte Portugal. Querença, located on top of a hill, with a few nice restaurants around the church. The charm of Querença is that there is nothing to be done and that you feel a century back in time.


Alte Algarve is 25 minutes drive away from historic Silves, a pleasant provincial town where the Portuguese living an easy life, and where you always see a stork. At the time of the Moors, Silves was the capital of the Algarve. The castle of Silves is a relic from that period of Islamic domination. If you’re in the neighborhood, walk just inside at Cafe Rosa (centre), not only for coffee but also for the beautiful Portuguese tiles. Fancy a drink or some nice Meditareanean food, visit the shady terrace of Cafe d’Inglés beside the cathedral.

Accommodation Alte

Algarve Housing offers a wide range of villa for rent in the Algarve Portugal. Close to Alte we have Casa Mia, Vivenda Quirino and Casa Arcadia to offer. But as Alte is located in the central algarve, you best check this section for a variety of villas for rent in the central Algarve.