Spring in the Algarve!

Can’t believe it is already January! January in the Algarve means start of the feeling of spring, as the beautiful Almond blossom is starting to come out, which gives some beautiful pictures! Next to the colourful oranges on the trees, and the lambs jumping up and down in the fields, this is always a nice start of the year! We just had a bit of rain, but looking at the forecast, the sun is back in the Algarve! It has been sunny since end of November last year!

Tip for coming weekend:
Querenca Sausage Festival 21 and 22 January
The Querença sausage auction in the church square in picturesque village of Querenca, is one of the highlights of the Querença Sausage Festival on the 21st and 22nd of January, continuing a long tradition for this traditional Algarvean village.

The festival is in honor of São Luís, protector of animals, and is considered one of the most important rural gastronomic events held in the region.
The celebrations on Saturday night start with fado in the ballroom of the Casa do Povo de Querença.

But the real meaty action takes place on Sunday, from 11.00am in the Church Square, with the opening of the exhibition ‘Tradições Serranas, a Matança do Porco’ or ‘killing of the pig’.

The exhibition aims to recreate this tradition, ranging from the rearing of the pigs, through to the time the animal is killed, and the various ways the animal is prepared for food. Starting early, the public is encouraged to taste the grilled sausages.

At 15.00pm there is a church service followed by a procession through the streets of the village. Then at 16.30 there will be the auction of sausages in Church Square.

This festival continues a centuries-old tradition and is the flagship festival of its kind in the Algarve and, as such, “is an important tourist attraction at this time of year, highlighting the religious aspects of food,” according to Loulé Câmara.

The roots of this event go back to a time when families used the pig for food throughout the year. It was also a tradition to ask São Luís, patron saint of animals, to keep the pigs in good condition to ensure a supply of food for the household.

In gratitude, families offer the best home-made sausages to the church if the animals have had a good life up until slaughter, the remainder being auctioned. (text: Algarve Daily News)

Enjoy the Algarve!
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