Silves, Historic Town Worth a Visit!

Silves Algarve

Historic Silves

Quietly hidden amidst the rolling hills of the Algarve along the banks of the slow-flowing Arade river, with its peaceful atmosphere, Silves Algarve is one of the best locations in the Algarve to still experience authentic Portuguese culture. It has that contagious relaxed pace of life that will instantly throw you in a good holiday mood. You could easily spend your days just wandering through the cobbled streets, drinking a good Portuguese coffee in one of the many typical local cafés or sipping a wine from a terrace watching Portuguese life pass by.

Only in August, during the Medieval Festival, you are reminded of the glorious times when Silves was the capital of the Algarve, a major defensive stronghold and an important trading centre. During the ten days of the Feira Medieval, the rich and turbulant history of the city at the Moorish times is played by actors while the old city centre is transformed in the vibrant town it once used to be.

You can find all you need in Silves, three large supermarkets, a post-office, and enough to keep you busy if you like.

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