Why is it so important to have the best partners?


Holidays, that magic word that makes your heart sing while you dream about all the amazing things you’ll be doing, eating, visiting. Having a good rest is a big deal, sure, but don’t you just love to disconnect from your daily routines, with brand new activities that will create wonderful memories? If the answer is yes, this article was made for you.

So, Why is it so important to have the best partners — and how did we choose them?

Because spending holidays somewhere is much more than renting a good house. Is the whole experience, and how it makes you feel after you check out. We choose partners based on our personal experiences, and we bring nothing but the best to you. Yes, nothing but the best.

Curious? Get to know them below!


Stance SUV Algarve Housing



Kayaks and paddleboards are great ways to get on the water and explore aquatic nature. Although these water activities provide fun for a summer day, they both have different properties, which might alter your decision on which to do. At Stance, a company specialized in SUP and Kayak rentals, you’ll find all the answers you need. They provide an excellent service, with all security measures so you can enjoy the most beautiful landscapes in the area.

What clients say about them: “Perfect! Thank you guys, great team! Me and my friends randomly decided to rent sups and Stance rental made it very simple for us! Quick and efficient. They are as close as you can get to the beach.” — via Google.

Find them at www.stancesup.com


Airport Transfer Algarve Housing



Arrivals and departures are Everywhere’s department, and they have been doing it since 2015, with more than 15 years of experience in the tourism branch. Why do we love them? Because we share hospitality values and get great feedback from our clients. They offer services on golf, rent-a-car, and transfers — and they are happy to take you to your favorite locations, such as amusement parks.

What clients say about them: “Just great! The owners are really helpful, friendly and professional!! Highly recommended! Go there if you want to book trips and tours in the Algarve. They can help you with basically anything!” — via Google.

Find them at www.everywhere.pt


Prana Bali Spa Algarve Housing Massage


Massage is part of the Balinese culture. Balinese ancestors believe that massage gives balance and harmony to the body, and balance means good health. Well-being is a key concept for them. Enjoy a unique Balinese experience. All treatments are performed using pure beauty products prepared from fresh herbal and floral ingredients to nourish individual skin types. Designed to engage all five senses, Prana Bali Spa will improve the resting mission by 1000%.

What clients say about them: “Lovely experience! I would highly recommend the Spa the massages are very well done and the whole experience is amazingly relaxing! Could not have been better!” — via Google

Find them at www.pranabalispa.pt


Creme Fresh Algarve Housing Catering


Crème Fresh Catering is created by Sebastian Meunier and Elise van Veen. They define themselves as a private dining & catering company with a huge love for good food, beautiful locations, tasty wines, and an eye for detail. Sebastian has many years of International chef experience and learned how to cook from creative and innovative chefs in The Hague and Amsterdam. Elise, on her side, started working in hospitality from a very young age. She has a passion for food & wine and has a good taste for decoration & atmosphere.

What clients say about them: “Great food and exceptional service. Thanks, guys!” — via Instagram.

Find them at www.cremefreshcatering.com


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