Bike and Hike in the Algarve

Hike in the Algarve

Bike and Hike in the Algarve

With the sun already warming the coast and the countryside of the Algarve, but the fresh breeze still making it enjoyable, it is the perfect weather to take up any of the walking or biking trails the Algarve has to offer.

There is no better way enjoy the wonderful and diverse natural environments at a slow and quiet pace and to sniff in Portuguese culture in the small villages you might pass through.

Do not worry: there are walking routes Algarve for all levels and wishes, from short and easy day-trips, to a full-on hiking experience of several weeks. You pick and choose your hike in the Algarve! Algarve Housing like to inform you with the main hike trails in the Algarve.

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Via Algarviana

Via Algarviana

For the ones looking for a real hiking experience Algarve, there is the Via Algarviana, which crosses the interior of the Algarve from east till west, starting at Alcoutim, taking you all the way to Cabo de São Vicente, over a 300 km pedestrial trail Algarve.

It is cut in 14 sections, varying around 15 to 30 km per walking section. Of course, you can also chose to just do a little part of the walking trail, or one day-trip, though you will have to arrange transport to get back (taxis are cheap in the Algarve).

It is also possible to do this trail on a MBT bike in five days, though you must be aware that this demands an excellent physical condition and some good technical biking skills.

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Grande Rota do Guardiana

Grande Rota do Guadiana

In the less known eastern part of the Algarve, the Grande Rota do Guadiana trail extends over 65 km, from Alcoutim through Castro Marim to Vila Real de Santo Antonio. The hike goes through mountain Barrocal and coastal areas, always following the Guadiana River.

A fantastic opportunity to explore the cultural and natural heritage of the eastern Algarve. It can also be done by bike.

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Rota Vicente

Rota Vicentina

The Rota Vicentina is a network of hike trails in the south-west Portugal, comprising the historical way, the Fisherman’s trail and several circular walking routes Algarve, taking you through some of the wildest and best preserved coastline of Europe.

Part of it is in the Alentejo; the section in the Algarve extends from the Cabo de São Vicente to Odeceixe.

The Fisherman’s trail always follows the coast and is for pedestrian use only.

Some sections involve walking through sand, so a good physical condition might be handy. It can also be quite challenging to be in constant contact with the ocean winds. This hike in the Algarve, brings breathtaking views through this powerful and wild landscape will make up for all challenges encountered on the way.

The part of the historical hike trail in the Algarve also extends between Cabo de São Vicente and Odeceixe, but has sections that go more inland. This one can be done on a mountain bike too.

In 2016, it received the label of “Leading quality trails- best of Europe” because of its outstanding quality. Highly recommended, even if just for a small part of it.

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Ecovia Litoral

Ecovia Litoral

The Ecovia Litoral hike in the Algarve, connects the most eastern point. Vila Real de Santo Antonio, to the most western point, Cabo de São Vicente.

Although it is an urban route, it follows the southern coast through a green corridor as close to the coast as possible on small roads and dirt tracks, for a stretch of 228 km. A magnificent way to get around, especially by bike, and discover the quiet places of the sometimes busy southern coast.

Apart from these longer trails, there are plenty of short, circular, day trails in the Algarve, of just a few hours for the ones who wish to include a sportive day in their holidays in the Algarve.

The best thing to do is to inform yourself locally about the possibilities nearby.

Enjoy your walk in the Algarve!

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