Rent a Castle in France!

Castle in France
Castle in France

Normally we publish here all sorts regarding the Algarve, but today something different! A Castle in France!

Why not, and do something different! You can rent this Castle in the middle of France for a private group of 12 persons, or rent a room and have the luxury of breakfast and dinner to be served. One way or the other, you will feel as a royalty in your own castle in France!

Castle in France
Bar with pool talbe

Sit yourself next to the fireplace in the fresh evenings, have a good glass of wine at the bar, and play a game of pool. During the day there are many activities to do around the castle in France, like Patenque (Jeu de Boule), play tennis at your private tennis court, or a game of Chess, or table tennis. Or wonder around the Castle in France, on the private grounds (total 90 hectares)…never a dull moment….

Castle in France
Large en-suite bedroom

Ideal for weddings, family reunions, but also for a romantic week with your partner!

More details regarding the Castle in France you can find on my website. Contact me for any further details.

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Algarve Housing, plus castle in France!

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