Enjoy Springtime In The Algarve!

Carnival in the Algarve
Carnival in the Algarve

I live in the Algarve for almost 10 years, coming here for almost 25 years! and many times I get the question, what is the best time to visit the Algarve? I have a standard answer for that, March and April. Why??? the smell of orange blossom, the Mimosa and all the flowers blooming… daisy’s, poppy’s….millions, I cannot describe how beautiful this is….stunning nature!

Besides that 5-8 March is Carnival!

Spring in the Algarve
Poppy's in the Algarve

Year after year the Carnival Parade in Loulé is the absolute highlight of the Algarvian carnival season. This spectacular event attracts many thousands of visitors from all over the region.

Combine the fantastic time of the year with all the smells and flowers, with Carnival in the Algarve, and book a nice Holiday Villa near Loule! Quinta Palmeiral, in March 675 euros per week, and April 810 euros. The villa sleeps 4.

Holiday Villa in the Algarve
Holiday Villa in the Algarve

Most towns and villages in the Algarve has Carnival, so spent your Carnival Holiday in the Algarve!

This year, Easter is in April, another reason to visit the Algarve! Have a look at my website, for more nice Holiday Villas, and contact me for more information.

Come and enjoy, the daisy’s, poppy’s, mimosa, orange blossom and last but not least some sunshine!

Spring in the Algarve
Flowers in the Algarve

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