Fairytale of the Almond Trees Algarve…  

almond blossom algarve
Almond blossom
It is February in the Algarve, and the Almond trees are in full blossom, stunningly beautiful! But what is the story behind the blooming  of those Almond trees? Why is it called the snow of the Algarve? Algarve Housing would like to share with you this nice tale of the Almond tree blossom in the Algarve…..

almond trees algarve
Almond trees blooming
Once upon the time, when the Algarve was ruled by the Moors and still known as Al Garb, a young Prince by the name of Ibn-Almundim who ruled from the capital of Silves, fell for the irresistible charms of a Nordic Princess called Gilda. He stole her heart and took her to the warm lands of the South.
Although she was enchanted by the daily kiss of the sun on her fair skin when winter in the Algarve approached, her beautiful smile faded away and her golden hair lost its glow. The Prince grew so desperate seeing his delicate princess pine away, that when he heard she was longing for the white snow-covered landscape of her homeland.
He immediately ordered thousands of almond trees to be planted from the castle-door into the fields for as far as the eye could see. When the almond trees Algarve would be blossoming, she would witness the white flowers covering the hills in a magic illusion of snow in the Algarve. The cure was instant, and they lived happily ever after…
So tells the legend of the almond tree blossom Algarve, a symbol of the Algarve, Portugal. Ever since the Algarvian countryside puts on its most precious white and soft-pink coat by the Almond Trees Algarve in February. Caressing the eye with its stunning beauty, announcing spring and promising a feast of almonds that will later be displayed at local markets and processed into the most delicious traditional sweets and liqueurs of the Algarve.
almond blossom algarve
Almond Blossom Algarve picture: pauline meekel
For nature lovers Algarve, this month is the perfect time to breathe in this unique spectacle of Almond trees Algarve, by walking one of the trails winding through the Portuguese countryside, in particular, the Almond Trail (11 km) created by the Odiana association, in the district of Castro Marim.
The sweet lovers can taste the delicate almond in most regional pastries all year round, the recipes of which have been passed from generation upon generation.
Either way, you might get enchanted like princess Gilda and lose your heart forever to the enveloping beauty of the Algarve.
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