February in the Algarve

February in the Algarve

Carnival algarve

Cannot believe it is already February! Time flies…. February in the Algarve, meaning Carnival in the Algarve. The Portuguese (and Dutch) say Carnaval… plus the orange blossom will start, meaning lovely smells, plus the almond blossom is full on… so nice, nice, nice time of the year!!! Plus Valentine’s day! Take your love for a romantic dinner! Plenty of choice in the Algarve!

almond blossom algarve
Almond Blossom Algarve picture: pauline meekel

Till now we have had a very dry winter, which is not good for the nature, not good for the farmers and not good for the water supplies, so it would be good to have some rain in the very near future! But for now, the weather is still lovely, and mild, most of the time sunny and warm during the day, very nice if you like walking, bicycling or play golf in the Algarve.

Algarve Housing like to share a few things to do in the Algarve in February. This list is far from complete.

10-13 February

Carnival in the Algarve. The oldest and biggest parade is held in Loule. 14 colourful floats and many dancers will show off at the Avenida at 3pm (11, 12 and 13 February). Many other towns have parades, like Faro, Quarteira, Albufeira, Paderne, Alte, Portimao, Lagos. So where ever you are in the Algarve, there is always a party nearby! Enjoy!

9-13 February

Percussion Festival Portimao

music algarve
Percussion Festival Portimao

World-class musicians coming to the Algarve for the international percussion festival and the Encontrobaixo bass guitar festival. The programme will include 15 workshops, five concerts and two musical parades, taking place at some of Portimão most iconic venues, such as TEMPO theatre, the municipal auditorium and Casa Manuel Teixeira Gomes.

The event kicks off and ends with a parade. More information about the workshops and concerts can be found  on the Facebook page (FINTPP).

14 February

Valentines Day Algarve
Valentine´s Day

Valentine’s day! The day of romance! Show your love! Well the Algarve is a very romantic place to be. Many, many restaurants in the Algarve have  special Valentine´s diners. But how about a romantic stroll along the beach, or a nice cliff walk. Watching the sunset while zipping a nice glass of something…. Or cosy at home, make a nice dinner, and eat in front of the fire! Many things to do with Valentine’s day in the Algarve!

17 February

We stay in the music, this time Piano!

Algarve International Piano Festival!

In total 5 concerts of which one in February! The concerts featuring Beethoven’s complete works for piano and orchestra.  All take place at the Tempo Municipal Theatre in Portimao. There will be another 2 in March and more in April.

21 February

Live Healthy!

The Association for the Protection of Animals on Algarve (APAA) will be holding a heathy living workshop.

Where? Vila Rosa Resort, Praia da Rocha.

Subject: Moving Beyond Age. A fun and  interactive workshop where you can learn very simple strategies to safely maintain the quality of your movement, regardless of your age!  With single exercises, you will be able to improve your balance, mobility, stability, coordination, cardio, strength and body awareness.

16-18 February

Festival of Oranges

Orange Festival Algarve
Orange Festival SIlves

The second Silves Capital of Orange show.

There will be several dozen exhibitors related to citriculture, wines, agriculture, regional products, confectionery, handicrafts and gastronomy, as well as some associations and local and regional entities.

This and much more about things to do in February in the Algarve. Please do not hesitate to contact me for any further information.

Algarve housing rent unique villas in the Algarve. Enjoy your day, enjoy the Algarve in February!


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