7 Michelin-starred Restaurants in the Algarve

Dining in a Michelin-starred restaurant is not just about the food – it’s an immersive experience that engages all senses.

From the meticulous presentation of each dish to the carefully curated ambiance, these establishments strive to create an unforgettable culinary journey. Explore the unique design elements, the selected wine pairings, and the personalized service that elevates the dining experience to a level of luxury and sophistication.

In the Algarve, each Michelin-starred restaurant boasts a distinctive culinary identity, showcasing the creativity and expertise of its chefs. You can expect a symphony of flavors, from delicate seafood dishes inspired by the Atlantic to robust meat-centric plates paying homage to Portugal’s agricultural heritage.



Portimão — One Star

When discussing exceptional dining experiences, establishments like Vista come to our minds. Nestled within a charming early 20th-century palace in the heart of Praia da Rocha, Vista lives up to its name, offering authentic postcard-worthy views of the Atlantic Ocean. The elegant dining room, adorned with expansive windows overlooking the sea, sets the stage for a gastronomic journey featuring two meticulously crafted menus—one caters to vegetarians.

Chef João Oliveira’s culinary artistry revolves around fresh, modern cuisine, spotlighting the finest regional ingredients. With a commitment to locally sourced products, Vista introduces complimentary delights, including the olive oil produced by the owners in the Alentejo region.

Bon Bon


Lagoa— One Star

Elegance, professionalism, attentive service, and a true gastronomic adventure define Bon Bon. This restaurant prides itself on using premium ingredients to curate a delightful tasting menu (also with a vegetarian option available). While lunchtime offerings are simpler and more moderately priced, Chef José Lopes showcases modern cuisine with a regional flair during dinner, focusing heavily on Algarve recipes.

The high-ceilinged dining room blends classic and contemporary elements, featuring a hexagonal layout, a central wrought-iron fireplace, and a large glass-fronted wine cellar. The restaurant’s pleasant outdoor terrace adds an extra layer to the dining experience, providing a charming space to savor culinary creations.

Al Sud


Lagos — One Star

For those seeking relaxation and indulgence, few places rival the Clubhouse at the Palmares Ocean Living & Golf resort, offering an elegant interior, a superb covered terrace, and a spectacular bay view.

Chef Luís Anjos, known for his success at the one-Michelin-star Bon Bon in Lagoa, crafts delicate and creative cuisine at Al Sud, highlighting the flavors of the Algarve with a focus on daily-sourced fish and seafood from Sagres. Al Sud offers three tasting menus, ranging from 8 to 12 courses, consistently championing local ingredients. An extra touch of culinary artistry is added as the chef finishes one or two dishes at the diner’s table.

Vila Joya


Albufeira — Two Stars

Vila Joya epitomizes top-quality service, a delightful ambiance, a distinguished setting, breathtaking views, and a profound passion for culinary art. Helmed by Austrian chef Dieter Koschina, Vila Joya’s cuisine reinterprets classic international dishes from Central Europe with a contemporary touch, always emphasizing exceptional ingredients and perfect harmonies.

The elegant dining rooms are complemented by two noteworthy spaces—a stunning open terrace with ocean views, ideal for romantic suppers, and the “Chef’s table,” offering a unique gastronomic experience.



Porches — Two Stars

Ocean is a truly special restaurant, offering a memorable experience: an entrance adorned with striking Murano glass, an elegantly decorated dining room, and impressive windows opening towards the infinite Atlantic. Chef Hans Neuner, hailing from Austria, delights patrons with the “Memories of Brazil” menu, inspired by Álvares Cabral’s 1500 voyage to this magical country.

The well-prepared dishes explore tropical flavors with a fusion of indigenous, European, and African influences, providing an extraordinary culinary journey. The restaurant’s exceptional wine list adds another layer of sophistication to the overall experience.


GUSTO by Heinz Beck

Almancil — One Star

With a separate entrance to the luxury Conrad Algarve Hotel, Gusto exudes personality, featuring an impeccable private bar, an elegant interior dining room, and a marvelous veranda elevating the dining experience. Helmed by the highly regarded German chef Heinz Beck (three Michelin stars at La Pergola restaurant in Rome), Gusto showcases a philosophy blending Mediterranean roots and Italian influences with a focus on healthy cooking.

The menu presents highly select dishes, along with two intriguing tasting menus, offering different numbers of courses for a diverse and delightful culinary adventure.

Vistas Chef Silvestre

VISTAS Chef Silvestre

Vila Nova de Cacela — One Star

An amazing restaurant boasting a uniquely classic yet elegant decor. Renowned Portuguese chef Rui Silvestre, who achieved his first Michelin star at the remarkable age of 29, has assumed control of this establishment, aiming to broaden his culinary expertise known for its consistent excellence, delicacy, and surprising balance.

The Passeio Marítimo tasting menu, characterized by its high-level technicality, draws inspiration from the Atlantic. Noteworthy features include a charming terrace with picturesque views, ideal for summer dining, and a captivating wine list with a curated selection of exclusive ports.

On 27 February 2024, the first Michelin Gala in Portugal will take place in Albufeira, celebrating the best of Portuguese gastronomy.

“It is no coincidence that we (in the Algarve) have eight of the 38 award-winning restaurants in Portugal and that two of the seven with two stars are in the region. The region has a quality that stands out.” — says João Fernandes, President of Algarve Tourism.

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