Need a break? We have some great offers for May and June!

May and June coming up, and we have arranged a few nice discounts for you! So need a break? You best read on!
We had a great winter so far, since the end of November hardly a drop of rain! Although the country need rain, we best enjoy the sun in the Algarve.
Need some sun? (not guaranteed)  and a nice villa in the Algarve? And still want to see the European Championship in June? All possible with our unique holiday villas in the Algarve!

6 Unique villas on discount

We have selected 6 unique villas for you with some special May and June discount prices, but please feel free to have a look around on my website, and contact me for any of the other fantastic holiday villas and/ or more details regarding the Special Offers for May and June!

Algarve Housing rent unique holiday villas in the Algarve!

Casa Jacaranda, with private Jacuzzi, 1150 for up to 12 lucky guests
Monte Boi, between Silves and Messines, 750 euros for May

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