Portugal… to be experienced and savored at any time of the year!

Food in Portugal
Food in Portugal

A country with a long tradition of producing enticing flavors, Portugal invites you to sample some of its gastronomic diversity in elegant modern restaurants or informal cosy taverns.The specialties of the country’s different regions include many fresh fish and shellfish dishes. There are also some of the world’s best cod dishes… they say that there are over 1001 different recipes! Tender and succulent meat dishes or appetizing sausages and smoked meats hail from the Portuguese hinterland. And then there’s the desserts… prepared using age-old convent recipes that offer the perfect complement to any meal.

Each dish also has the perfect wine to accompany it. Port and Madeira wine are world famous, but you’ll be surprised by the excellent Portuguese table wines. It is possible to embark upon numerous pleasant trips following the various Wine routes.

Portugal… to be experienced and savored at any time of the year!

Taste Portugal
Do you know what is the best taste in Portugal? Is it the fish, which many people consider to be the best in the world? Or is it the wines, originating from the country’s sun-drenched vineyards? …

Wines from Douro and Porto
Discover the oldest demarcated wine region in the world. The Douro awaits you. Let the Port Wine Route surprise you!

Olive Oil Route
Slightly thick, fruity, golden in color and sometimes a little green. This is the olive oil of the Alentejo.

Cafés in Portugal
Cafés and tearooms with history, absolutely lovely and with irresistible delicacies to match. Give in to the pleasure of light conversation while nibbling on some tasty titbits!

Gastronomy of the Algarve
From Sagres to the river Guadiana, the Algarve is a region of sun and seafood.

Portuguese Wines
Portuguese Wines

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