Pottery, Ceramics and Decorative Tiles in the Algarve.

Algarve Housing rents fantastic villas in the Algarve,
most of them are located inland, where you can enjoy ‘the real Algarve’,
but always less then 30 minutes to the beach. ‘The real Algarve’,
what is that? Among others Ceramics, pottery and decorative tiles!

Every region in Portugal has its own, distinctive style of pottery,
from the finest porcelain, produced in Vista Alegre in the north, to the
homely-style hand-painted pottery from the Algarve’s neighbouring province, the Alentejo.
Handicraft shops in the Algarve usually stock a variety of designs from other regions, as well as locally made pottery and the plain or simply decorated brown earthenware produced nation-wide. Small items make superb moments of your holiday; if
carefully packed they will arrive home in one piece! (I recommend transporting as hand luggage!) Candleholders and small plates, for example, can be purchased for a few euros. At the other end of
the scale the sky’s the limit. Many shops will arrange shipping of larger

Ceramic production in the Algarve underwent a revival in the late
1960’s, when the late Patrick Swift, an artist of international repute, made a determined effort to preserve ancient Iberian and Moorish patterns on
hand-glazed pottery. Most commonly painted in shades of blue, green and turquoise, the designs are in a free-flowing style. Patrick Swift’s timing was spot on, coinciding with the advent of mass tourism
in the region. Visitors required then, as they do now, souvenirs typical of the area and the pottery industry flourished. The EN125 (main road that goes along the coast of the Algarve, from Sagres (most west) till Villa Real the St Antonio (most east) is festooned with handicraft shops along its length. The best quality is to be found near Porches (a few kilometres east of Lagoa), where members of Swift’s family still run the
olaria (pottery) he established. Cheaper and more mass-produced handicraft products are sold in roadside ‘artesanato’ shops. Souvenir shops in resorts also stock ranges of pottery.

Ceramic tiles are a specialist area of the industry, introduced to Iberia by the Moors and, by the 18th century, produced in greater quantities in Portugal than anywhere else in Europe. The facades of many traditional houses are fully tiled (a long-lasting, low-maintenance alternative to paint) but individual decorative panels, comprising any number of tiles from four upwards, are more in vogue today.

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One thought on “Pottery, Ceramics and Decorative Tiles in the Algarve.

  1. Tom Hansson

    I am looking to buy 4 tiles 300 x 300 mm with a painted motif of a happy sun or similar, which is painted over all four tiles together. I will mount them on a wall outdoors next to our pool. Around these 4 tiles will be framed with black colored tiles. Do you have any suggestions for me with painted tiles that you can have in your warehouse? Are you open in your mall?

    Tom Hansson, Albufeira

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