Spring in the Algarve

spring in the Algarve

Spring in the Algarve

While up north, in March, Winter has still no intention of making place for its successor, spring in the Algarve, has already installed herself comfortably on the throne.

After the almond trees gave the start signal with their delicate white blossom, one tree after the other follows their footsteps in an explosion of colors and scents, as if exposing their assets in a glorious beauty contest.

The Lovely smell of the orange blossom

orange blossom algarve
orange blossom

The orange trees try even harder to seduce the careless passer-by: long before seeing them, their velvet fragrance subtly enters your nostrils, making you wish for more. And so Spring in the Algarve gets under your skin, making you jump that little jump out of sheer joy, without quite knowing why.

Blue sky, storks, buzzing and humming

storks algarve
Stork and blue sky 🙂

It is not just the trees and the flowers. It is that sky too, with a blue so deep, intense yet also soft, the perfect background that multiplies each and everyone’s beauty. It is the liveliness all around you, the zest with which the storks fly about, whole bushes in their beaks, enthusiastically building their palaces on top of high towers. Ants get into action again, sparrows are chirping in sweet delight, the buzzing and humming of all insects envelop the atmosphere, everyone seems to have woken up after a deep hibernation. There is no doubt: it is Spring in the Algarve!

Spring in the Algarve, the most beautiful season

After the rain has finally watered the land and the thirsty trees and plants, the Algarve is coming alive again!

Bicycling algarve

Spring in the Algarve is without doubt the most beautiful season to visit the south of Portugal. The sun can shine eagerly, yet temperatures are still pleasant and allow both hiking or biking on your active days or going to the beach on the lazy ones, you pick and choose.

Low rental prices in the spring

Oh, and did I mention that tourism is still asleep during spring in the Algarve? Rental prices are still low, and the Algarve is all yours! In spring, it is possible to fancy yourself on a deserted beach on the west coast or to walk for hours without meeting a soul. For those wishing some more activity during the spring in the Algarve, the historic towns of Lagos, Faro, Albufeira and Portimão offer plenty of entertainment,  and on the rainy days, you can always visit a museum or opt for one of the vast shopping malls the Algarve has on offer.

villa algarve
Casa Colina

Cutting a long story short: Spring in the Algarve is the best time to visit Portugal! Nature is at its best, so are the temperatures, to explore, or just relax and enjoy! Rental prices are not sky high, and Algarve Housing has a few nice offers for March, April, May and June! How nice is that!!!

Contact us for any further information regarding spring in the Algarve and the nice rental offers.

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