Spring break in Portugal, and soak up some sunshine in the Algarve!

Spring break portugalSpring break in Portugal

It’s March, and spring has already knocked on the Algarve’s door. Nature is waking up, and there is no better season and place than to also awaken after your own winter sleep. Algarve Housing would like to share with you some nice facts about spring in the Algarve. Why not have a spring break?

spring flowers algarve
Almond Blossom

Springfield flowers in Portugal

The bees are highly active again, birds are twittering all day long. A green, velvet blanket has laid itself over the hills, eagerly awaiting the colourful stains of the spring flowers that will soon start to blossom. There is a long queue of trees that can’t wait to show you their prettiest blossoming. Spring in the Algarve, starting with the snow white almond trees, quickly followed by the bright yellow mimosas and the stunning magnolia’s.

flowers algarve

Visit the Algarve in Spring, what to expect?

Have a spring break in Portugal! If you chose to visit Portugal in spring, your sight will be rewarded by magical fields of fiery scarlet poppies or virgin white daisies. Your nostrils will indulge in the sweet scent of the orange trees blossom, your skin will soak up the first warm caresses of the sun, and your ears will delight in all the happy chirping of the birds and the soothing zooming of the insects. And you, amidst all of this sensorial feast, you will think yourself in paradise in the Algarve.

Algarve Beach

Spring break in Portugal, the ideal time to spare your wallet

Paradise it is in the Algarve, in spring. It is still quiet, no tourist invasions yet. You can go to the beach and be the only visitor. There will be no long queues at the supermarkets, and you will not need to book popular restaurants days in advance.

The flight tickets, and rental prices and overall activity prices are still low. Makes it the ideal time to spare your wallet as a pleasurable fringe benefit.

spring algarve portugal

What is the weather like during the spring break in Portugal?

And let us not forget about the weather! Temperatures can already reach above twenty degrees during the day. With bright blue skies inviting you to spend the day outside. Ideal for hiking and biking in the beautiful countryside, while in the evenings, you can still enjoy a cosy fire inside with a good glass of wine and a thick book. The best of two worlds united in one only.

And if you happen to catch a rainy day, do not worry: the historic towns of Lagos, Faro, Albufeira and Portimão offer plenty of entertainment, and you can always visit a museum or opt for one of the large shopping malls the Algarve has on offer. You will not be bored!

Spring in the Algarve is the ideal time to already get a holiday feeling while the year has only just begun. Experience la dolce vita, or, as the Portuguese say: a vida boa!

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