Spring in the Algarve, don’t miss it!

Field of Poppies

Spring in the Algarve is something you cannot miss! Fabulous displays of wildflowers that colonise every available piece of Algarve ground no matter how small. In Portugal you do not need to travel far to see wildflowers. In the Algarve in springtime, the flowers are everywhere- on roadside verges, in abandoned and fallow farmland, in the forests and beside the sea.

We all know the Algarve from the beautiful cliffs and coves and beautiful white sandy beaches, but within a short drive of the coast there is a very different Algarve to be experienced. In the spring you see millions upon millions daisies, poppies and many other colourful flowers…like the Wild Roses (Cistus) in the mountains.

One of our unique villas with private pool

Algarve Housing has a variety of nice holiday villas for rent away from the coast, in rural, private areas, still only a short drive to the coast, with private pool and garden.

If you don’t want to miss the beautiful spring in the Algarve, please have a look at our website for nice self catering villas and contact me for availability, prices and more information.

We will publish more about the things to see and things to do in the Algarve, last minute super deals on our holiday villas in the Algarve, so why not subscribe to our Blog.

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