Five reasons to visit the Algarve

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What is the new normal in the Algarve?

Keep a social distance of 2 meters, wear face masks in a public area, and hygiene like wash your hands regularly.

On daily bases, people ask me how is it to be in the Algarve? To me, it is still heaven! The new normal does not really affect me. You can still go to the beach (plenty of sun lounges to choose from), bars and restaurants are open. Make sure you always have a face mask with you, as when you enter a restaurant, you need to wear a face mask. Once you sit down, you can take it off and enjoy the lovely food and drinks. The sunsets are still stunningly beautiful, the temperature nice, the beaches sandy, and the seawater refreshing!

In March this year, I wrote the article below, but at the same time, the coronavirus hit Europe! It was not a good idea to promote the Algarve. But it is August now, and the Algarve is safe and clean, and with respect to the new normal, we can handle Covid-19 in Portugal! Algarve Housing like to remind you why to visit the Algarve!

Algarve-How to handle the toll road. |

The toll system in the Algarve is complicated and confusing, How does it works for holiday makers with rental car or with your own car?

18 September 2018: UPDATE

Toll payments on-line!

Nowadays it is possiblE to pay the motorway tolls on line via the CTT website. IF you use the motorways and do not have a device, you can check at what tolls which are currently awaiting payment by clicking on the PORTAGENS-tab and typing the registration number of the vehicle in the box PORTAGENS EM DIVIDA.

The payment of tolls by Multibanco is only available for cars withPortuguese licence plates, with no device, and travelling on highways with electrocic tolls. The details of the tolls are available 48 hours after their use and you can also choose your language (Portuguese, English, Spanish or French).

To pay tolls at a Multibanco please follow the steps below:

Request on the CTT website a Multibanco reference online or by SMS. INdicate your tax identification number if you wish to include it in the invoice. Select PAGAMENTOS and then PAGAMENTO DE SERVICOS, at the ATM or throught Homebanking.

Insert the following data:

a. Entidade: 21154 (CTT Correios de Portugal SA)

b. Referencia: xxx xxx xxx (reference given by CTT to each car plate)

c. Mntante: xx,xx euros (amountincludingthe amount of tolls plus the administrative costs).

You will receive an SMS confirmation of the payment and the number necessary to obtain the invoice on teh CTT website. This information I have from the AFPOP!