Five reasons to visit the Algarve

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What is the new normal in the Algarve?

Keep a social distance of 2 meters, wear face masks in a public area, and hygiene like wash your hands regularly.

On daily bases, people ask me how is it to be in the Algarve? To me, it is still heaven! The new normal does not really affect me. You can still go to the beach (plenty of sun lounges to choose from), bars and restaurants are open. Make sure you always have a face mask with you, as when you enter a restaurant, you need to wear a face mask. Once you sit down, you can take it off and enjoy the lovely food and drinks. The sunsets are still stunningly beautiful, the temperature nice, the beaches sandy, and the seawater refreshing!

In March this year, I wrote the article below, but at the same time, the coronavirus hit Europe! It was not a good idea to promote the Algarve. But it is August now, and the Algarve is safe and clean, and with respect to the new normal, we can handle Covid-19 in Portugal! Algarve Housing like to remind you why to visit the Algarve!

Five reasons to visit the Algarve

In the last few years, Portugal as a holiday destination has risen considerably in popularity. If not yet convinced, here are the top five reasons why it’s such a great country to spend your holidays in Portugal all year round.

weather in Algarve

  1. The Weather in the Algarve

Be it summer or be it winter, chances are considerable you will have sun during your holidays in Portugal. It’s a fact that the Algarve weather boasts more than 300 days of sunshine a year, making it the ideal destination to enjoy the outdoors. When it rains  (which is not very often; in fact, it would be desirable to have more rain as the last few winters have been much too dry), it never rains for long. You will not get depressed by never-ending grey sky’s, as the bright blue colour so often present will appear soon after a rainfall.

In winter, it is often possible to sit in your bikini on the beach at day time, while in summer, a cool sea breeze will take off the edges of the heat while still giving you that delicious feeling of a tropical night. We’ re talking about average daytime temperatures of 16ºC during winter months, and 25ºC during summer months. Do we need to say more?

beaches portugal

  1. The best beaches of Europe

In beauty, many of the Algarve’s beaches reach top rankings. Whether endless stretches of sand, or breath-taking bays lined by spectacular rock formations, it often feels like you have landed in Paradise. Fine white sand, no pebbles, no jelly-fish to worry about either…in comfort, the beaches score high, too. And most are guarded by life-guards who will indicate with the international flag system if the sea waters are safe to swim in:

  • green flag means safe to swim;
  • yellow flag means medium hazard, be careful;
  • red flag means high hazard, do not swim.

You are looked after, that’s a fact. The Algarve has safe beaches!

golf portugal
Golf in the Algarve
  1. World renowned Golf Courses

An increasing amount of top Golf resorts has put Portugal on the golf world map. The combination of pleasant, sunny weather with world-famous championship lay-outs and magnificent locations has ensured that there is a wide range of choice tailored to everyone’s gusto. Whether you’re an enthusiastic novice or an experienced and skilled professional, there’s a Golf course for everyone in the Algarve where you can improve your game, practice your skills and maybe even lower your handicap.

  1. Political stability and general safety

Maybe not often mentioned, but nonetheless essential for a positive holiday experience in Portugal is the general safety feeling in the country. Portugal is politically stable, no need to fear any uprising or other rebellious acts. Moreover, Portugal is ranked as the 13th safest country in the world by the Global Peace Index. Crime rates are very low, and only concern a few isolated neighbourhoods. This means that Portugal is a very safe country to visit and live in. Even though like in most destinations, there remains a certain risk of petty crime, like pickpocketing, overall rates of violence are lower than in almost any other European country.

family holiday

  1. Entertainment for all

It matters not who you are, how old you are, nor what your hobbies and passions are: the Algarve has something on offer for everyone. There are the children’s paradises like the Zoo Marine or the slide water parks where families will happily spend their days; for the Nature lovers, there’s plenty outdoor activity, ranging from surfing to supping to mountain biking, hiking, canoeing, horse riding…to name just a few; for the wilder youth who wish to party, bars, nightclubs, beach parties, concerts and festivals abound*; those who simply like to enjoy a calmer day, or have a good meal while watching the sunset, can choose from an infinity of good quality restaurants; the shop-lovers can easily spend the day in some extensive shopping malls; and for the culturally inclined, the Algarve even has some historical cities with museums and historical buildings to visit.

You name it, the Algarve has it!

*due to COVID-19 this is one of the few things that is not possible. No large festivals and beach parties this year.

I keep enjoying the Algarve, I hope to see you soon!

Keep safe and healthy!



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