April in the Algarve

orange blossom algarve
orange blossom


I wish I could share smells with you! I just came back of the Silves area, which is famous of the orange orchards, which means this time of the year orange blossom, which means overwhelming nice smells. The scent of orange blossom is indescribable, so you MUST come and experience this. We have some nice spring offers! DO NOT MISS THIS!!! Do not miss April in the Algarve!

Easter in the Algarve

Things to do in July in the Algarve Portugal

July in the Algarve
Beach Party Algarve


Almost July, cannot believe how fast the time files! Summer season started, beaches filling up, sea warming up, almost every night somewhere live music playing… the Algarve is boosting lots of things to do in July in the Algarve, like festivals and partys  For every ones tast there is something, if you want to party till dawn on the beach or enjoy and relax with jazz and classical outdoor music events. Combined with nice food and drinks.

Algarve Housing gives you a few option of things to do in July in the Algarve, of the many choices you have.

Culture in Portugal

Portuguese Culture and Traditions

culture in portugal
Portugal football

Culture in Portugal. Portugal is a vibrant and diverse country which has many Portuguese customs and traditions which influence its Portuguese culture. They have a particularly strong interest in the arts including music, drama, dance and song and of course paintings and sculptures.

Algarve Housing, like to share this article with you and inform you a bit of the Portuguese Culture and traditions.

Traditional Folklore

culture in portugal
Traditional folklore

Examples of traditional folklore can be found throughout Portugal and many ancient and contemporary works are displayed in museums and galleries throughout the city. From the largest towns to the smallest villages traditional folklore is celebrated through various festivals and events, most of which include traditional dress dance and cuisine.

Café culture

Café culture is strong in Portugal and visitors can enjoy the laid-back atmosphere in busy squares or on cafe-lined streets where they can enjoy a delicious Portuguese coffee and tart while soaking up the sunshine.

Football, culture in Portugal

culture in portugal
Algarve Stadium

Football is by far the most popular sport in the country and their teams have avid supporters from all over the world There are many huge stadiums in major cities which support big football games which locals and visitors come from all over to see.

Food and Drinks

culture in portugal
Pasteis de nata

Portugal culture offers some wonderful cuisine. Some of its most famous dishes include pastéis de nata (custard tarts), regional cheeses, and salted cod, as well as a range of freshly cooked seafood. Portugal is also admired for its great variety of wines, producing many award winning wines which are enjoyed all over the world.

The Arts

Portugal culture enjoys a thriving arts and cultural scene. With a huge number of museums and galleries, theatres, event spaces and music venues there is something to suit everyone’s tastes. A varied and exciting nightlife for those who like to stay out late can also be enjoyed in the regions bigger cities, particularly in the capital. The architecture of Portugal is also widely revered with many medieval castles to be explored. Some of the country’s most famous buildings include Belém Tower, Jerónimos Monastery, Porto Cathedral, Teatro Nacional de São Carlos, Pena National Palace, and the Vasco da Gama Tower.


Festivals take place throughout the year in Portugal, with many of them having a religious element at their core. Romarias (pilgrimages) are frequent and honor the patron saint of a particular region. These processions are often colorful, musical events which end with a huge street party style celebration so are certainly worth seeing if you are in the area.

The Family and society

culture in Portugal
Portuguese family

The family is at the heart of Portuguese culture along with the belief that they are the foundation upon which stability and wellbeing are formed. There are many traditions within families that must be adhered to and respect, loyalty and to care for one another is central to stable family life. 

Portuguese people tend to be traditional, respectful, not excessive and conservative, and so remain formal, polite, gracious and helpful until they have got to know you better. Once you have become friends you can expect the handshake to be replaced with a warm hug, and conversation to be free, relaxed and animated!

As you can tell Portugal is a fascinating, spirited country full of interesting culture, and it’s warm people, excellent cuisine, beautiful architecture, food and drink, and many arts and entertainments attractions are what makes thousands of people flock to this wonderful country year after year.

This article is brought to you by Algarve Housing, for better holidays in the Algarve and unique villas. Please contact me for any further information.

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New Nice Villas for rent in the Algarve

Algarve Housing has a few new villas for rent on their books, we like to share with you. 3 luxury villas for rent near Lagos, and two nice countryside houses near Silves…

Looking for sun, sea, sand? Relax and enjoy in the Algarve, and book a nice villa in the Algarve! We still have a few weeks available in July and August, of some gorgeous villas villas for rent.  Below a few, but contact me for more availability and prices!

villas for rent
Casa Milton Lagos










Casa Milton

Sleeps: up to10
Bathrooms: 5
Beach: 10 minutes drive
Location: Lagos

villas for rent
Casa Funchal Lagos










Casa Funchal

Sleeps: max 14
Bathroom: 5
Beach: 10 minutes drive
Location: Lagos

villas for rent
Casa Cristo









Casa Cristo

Sleeps: up to 10
Bathrooms: 5
Beach: 10 minutes drive
Location: Lagos

villas for rent
Casa Nelson Silves











Casa Nelson

Sleeps: max 10
Bathrooms: 2
Beach: 25 minutes drive
Location: Silves

villas for rent
Casa Gloria










Casa Gloria

Sleeps: 8
Bedrooms: 4
Beach: 15 minutes drive
Location: Silves/Alcantarilha

Algarve Housing has more villas for rent in the Algarve, please contact me for any further details.

Warm regards,


Algarve Housing

Valentine’s Day in the Algarve

Valentine's Day in the Algarve
Valentine’s Day in the Algarve

With Valentine’s day in the Algarve approaching, it is a good idea to start thinking about what you can do to show your loved one just how much you care. Valentine’s day in the Algarve is a truly romantic experience. With its temperate climate, stunning beaches and beautiful landscapes there is nothing more lovely then spending some special quality time with your nearest and dearest in this beautiful part of the world.

A fantastic Valentine’s Day dinner at one of the regions top restaurants is sure to be just the ticket. So where are the best places to take your loved one on February the 14th? Algarve Housing like to share with you a list of the most romantic and wonderful restaurants which are sure to make your Valentine’s Day in the Algarve one to remember.

Valentine's Day in the Algarve

Gusto- Almancil

You can find this fantastic restaurant at the Conrad Algarve Hotel, run by highly acclaimed chef Heinz Beck. This is the perfect spot to enjoy some top class, ultra-modern Italian cuisine. The staff are exceptional and the wine list divine. Bring a jumper and sit of the pretty balcony admiring the views of rolling hills in the background and you are sure to get into the romantic mood!

Valentine's Day in the Algarve
Rei das Praias

Rei das Praias-Ferragudo

Located on the famous Caneiros beach. The stunning location of this fantastic restaurant is what makes it so special. With a great wine list and fresh seafood, what more can you want?

Valentine's Day in the Algarve
Adega Lisa

Adega Vila Lisa- Portimao

If you want to go somewhere on Valentine’s Day in the Algarve, that feels like it has been made just for you, head to the Adega Villa Lisa. This seafood restaurant is quaint and cozy and feels like a home away from home. Be prepared to go with the flow though as there is no menu so you will get what you are given – though what you are given is likely to be fantastic!

Valentine's day in the Algarve

Gigi’s- Quinta do Lago

If you are looking for a bit of Pizazz this Valentine’s Day in the Algarve, head to Gigi’s and rub shoulders with the rich and famous. Gigi, the rather eccentric owner, sings operatic arias while he takes you through the catch of the day! Gigi’s really is something else!

Valentine's day in the Algarve
Vivendo Mirandus

Vivendo Mirandus Restaurant- Lagos

Here you can dine in style while taking in the stunning panoramic views over the Atlantic Ocean and the beautiful Mediterranean gardens of the Vivenda Miranda Hotel. Resting atop the dramatic cliffs and using fresh, locally sourced ingredients, this is the perfect spot for a romantic evening.

For cool and classy European cuisine head to Vivendo where you will not be disappointed, the food is great quality and with a set menu around €35, including half a bottle of wine, it won’t burn a hole in your wallet either.

Valentine's day in the Algarve

Boia- Salema

For an evening of beachside fun head to bustling Boia where you can expect good food, good wine and good times! This isn’t your typical quiet and secluded place, but if you are up for a hearty meal in good company this is the perfect choice for your Valentine’s day in the Algarve.

Valentine's day in the Algarve

Caniço- Alvor

Ultra-romantic with views to die for, this will certainly get you in the mood for love. Caniço, is sculpted from the cliffs themselves, and to get to the restaurant and bar you take an through the cliffs. Come for a sunset drink before your meal as the perfect way to start your evening.

Valentine's day in the Algarve

Parrilla Natural

For the classy couple head to Parrilla Natural where you meal will be served with a side of sophistication. Outdoor dining here is a must, even in the chillier evenings so wrap up warm and enjoy your meal under the giant pine trees and twinkling stars.

Valentine's day in the Algarve
Leao de Porches

O Leão de Porches

This gorgeous restaurant can be found in a 17th century building and feels cozy with tiled floors and rustic decor. It also serves truly flawless modern Mediterranean cuisine.

If you are in the Algarve this Valentine’s Day why not book one of these fantastic restaurants that are sure to make for an evening to remember?

This article is brought to you by Algarve Housing, for better holidays in Portugal

Have a romantic Valentine’s day in the Algarve,



Family Friendly Activities in the Algarve

Beach Algarve
Beach Algarve

5 Best family friendly activities in the Algarve

The Algarve is a fantastic destination for a family holiday. With a mild climate, beautiful scenery and plenty of fun family friendly activities on offer, it is a wonderful place to visit, no matter your age. Even in the ‘off-season’ months you can still enjoy a great holiday in the Algarve. In fact if you have children it is the best time to visit, with less crowds it making it hassle-free to get around and enjoy the many attractions with ease.

So what are the top 5 best family friendly activities to enjoy in the Algarve? Read on to see the pick of Algarve Housing best family friendly activities.

Boat trip Algarve
Boat trip Algarve
  1. Boat Trips Algarve

Boat Trips are fun for all the family, and the Algarve offer some of the best around. While adults can enjoy a well-deserved rest and some beautiful scenery, kids will enjoy the excitement of being out at sea, and trying to spot the marine life that often makes a welcome appearance. There are a wealth of different boat trips to choose from, whether you want to focus on enjoying the local landscapes, chasing dolphins, or even fishing, you can take your pick. It is still warm enough to enjoy being outside and some even host a BBQ lunch or picnic on a private beach included in the price.

Mini Golf Algarve
Mini Golf Algarve
  1. Mini Golf Algarve

The Algarve is famous for its stunning and challenging golf courses, but did you know it also offers some great mini golf courses which the whole family can try as well? There are many fantastic themed mini golf courses such as at the Family Golf Park in Vilamoura and Albufeira where they course is themed around accent Rome. The course is easy enough for kids to enjoy and will keep everyone entertained for an hour or so!

  1. Life Science Centres

Who said something education can’t be fun?! The Centros de Ciências Vivas in Faro and Lagos make for a fantastic family day out, with many interesting exhibitions and hands on experiments that children and adults alike will just love. A family ticket, which covers 2 adults and up to 6 children is under 10 Euros so a fantastic bargain too!

Karting Algarve
Karting Algarve
  1. Karting Algarve

An adrenaline packed adventure that all the family can enjoy! Karting is a great activity to get the whole family bonding and having fun together. In Albufeira, there is a great all weather indoor track, called ‘Hot Wheels Raceway.’ An alternative is the track at Almancil, or try the fun karting track near Portimão.

  1. Beach Day

It is a holiday after all! Luckily the Algarve enjoys great weather almost all year round and even in the cooler months a trip to the beach is possible. The Algarve is home to some of the most spectacular beaches in the world. Perfect for a day on the beach, making sandcastles, taking strolls and paddling in the sea.

The Algarve offers a wide range of activities for families, and with something for everyone you have plenty of options regardless of the weather. So if you are looking to book a great holiday for you and the children, the Algarve makes for a fantastic choice.

Contact Algarve Housing for more information.

Warm Regards,


Algarve Housing

January in the Algarve

January in the Algarve
January in the Algarve

January in the Algarve

The stunning Algarve is the perfect holiday destination, and while January in the Algarve may be out of season, there are many reasons why this is a great month to visit. Flights are cheaper and you can get good deals on villas.

With miles and miles of truly breath-taking coastline, bustling cities, pretty towns and villages and plenty of arts, cultural and entertainment activities there is much to see and do here. The Algarve in January really has something for everyone, and whether you are looking for a relaxed family holiday, an active and action packed break, or a place where you can enjoy tourist attractions by day, and bustling bars and clubs at night, the Algarve offers all this and more.

Almond blossom Algarve
Almond blossom Algarve

So what is there to do in the Algarve in January?

While the temperature will drop in the winter months, the sun should still be shining in the Algarve in January. You can expect the temperature to remain around 16-20 degrees in the shade, though temperatures do drop at night so make sure you have layers packed in your suitcase.

Because of the warm climate, there are plenty of fantastic outdoor activities that you can still enjoy if you head to the Algarve at this time. While it may not be warm enough to swim, you can still enjoy the beautiful beaches in the Algarve region, and for a fun day out why not take a boat trip out along the coast? If you are lucky you may even spot a dolphin or two! Other seaside activities that you can enjoy in the Algarve in January are surfing, sailing and many other water sports, or simply take a walk along its edge and admire spectacular views. Families will enjoy one of the theme parks in the region, and you can also take a jeep safari and explore the local countryside and wildlife this way.

January in the Algarve, spring is truly on its way and the spring flowers should be in full bloom, covering the landscape in a rainbow of colour. Check out the cliffs at Ponta da Piedade in Lagos which are stunning at this time of year.

January Events in the Algarve

Jazz in the Algarve
Jazz in the Algarve

Jazz in the Algarve

Jazz in the Cellars
Silves hosts a great programme of live Jazz with wine tasting
  Sat Jan 13th 2018 to Tue Apr 17th 2018

If you enjoy Jazz music, then you’ll not want to miss Silves’ great programme of Jazz in the Cellars.

Between January and April 2018, there will be live Jazz music concerts held in the cellars of various Silves wine producers.

There are eight sessions in all (two per month), the first of which will take place on the second Saturday of January.

Here’s the progarmme:
13th Jan: Low Tech Groove, Quinta João Clara, Alcantarilha
20th Jan: Jazz à Capela,  Convento do Paraíso, Silves.
10th Feb: Chustinatra, Quinta do Francês, Silves.
24th Feb: Power Trio, Quinta do Barradas, Silves
10th Mar: P.L.I.N.T, Quinta do Barranco Longo, Algoz
17th Mar: Badalo Quarteto, Quinta da Vinha, Silves
7th Apr: Alexandre Dahmen Trio, Quinta do Outeiro,Silves
14th Apr: Yanina Mantuano, Quinta da Malaca, Pêra.
All concerts start at 9pm.

If you want to go along you need to reserve a ticket.
The ticket for each session costs 10€, which includes the concert, wine tasting by the producer, voucher to visit the Castle and Municipal Museum of Archeology and a bottle of wine.
What a great deal!

You can reserve tickets one month before the date of each session (over 18s only).

For more information and bookings contact the Tourism office at Silves Câmara – Tel (+351) 282 440 800 or email turismo@cm-silves.pt
OR visit the website.

Sausage Festival Querença

Sausage festival Agarve
Sausage Festival

The Festival of “Chouriças” (sausages), which is otherwise known as the Festival of S. Luís, the patron saint of animals is held in Querença on the 21 January this year. Festivities usually begin with a night of Fado (a traditional evening of music and song). During the day there is a religious procession through the streets followed by more music, sausage tasting and a local auction for the prize sausage or ‘queen chouriça.’


Visiting the Algarve in January may not be a typical beach holiday, but can be lots of fun, and with cheaper flights and holiday deals, and a quieter ambience, January could be the perfect time to visit especially if you like golfing, hiking and other activities.

This article is brought to you by Algarve Housing, the villa rental company for better holidays in the Algarve with unique propertys.

Warm wishes,


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Things to do in the Algarve in December


Algarve in December
Algarve in December


December is a wonderful time to visit the Algarve with many wonderful things to see and do. The beaches may not be quite as packed, and a dip on the ocean not quite as appealing, but heading to the Algarve during the winter months means the streets are less busy, the tourist attractions are quieter and you will be able to enjoy your holiday in te Algarve at a more leisurely pace. So what kind of activities and events can you expect to enjoy in the Algarve in December? Read on to find out about things to do in the Algarve in December!

Vila Real de Santo António Christmas Village, Aldeia de Natal

Each year this charming town transforms into a magical Christmas village which both adults and children will enjoy. With quaint market stalls selling homemade goods, an ice drink and live entertainment, if you are in the Algarve in December, this village is well worth a visit.

Shopping in December
Algarve in December


Christmas Market in Almancil

This will be held at the Jardim das Comunidades, Rua do Centro Comunitario. This annual event features some great entertainment, festive stalls and music from the Salvation Army Band. This year the market will be held on the 6th December, with a special visit from Father Christmas and all proceeds going to Associação Social e Cultural de Almancil (ASCA), which supports local people in need, you are sure to leave feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

Holiday Inn Hike, Armação de Pêra

Each year the Holiday Inn Algarve put on a fun itinerary of events to get you into the festive spirit. The  Great Father Christmas Walk at Armação de Pêra takes place in December where people are invited to donate their walking shoes, pull on their Christmas jumpers and hike together. They usually host two swimming events too, so for the bravest among you it is a chance to take a dip and raise some money for a good cause. Donations are welcome and go to help buy shoes for children who are in care.

Christmas tree Algarve
Christmas tree Algarve

Zoo de Lagos, Barão de São João, Portugal

Every December the Zoo de Lagos turns into a winter wonderland. This is the perfect place to visit if you have children, who will be enthralled with the events and entertainment provided here, as well as the huge ice skating ring of course!

Christmas Shopping

The Algarve is the perfect place to pick up charming and thoughtful Christmas gifts for your loved ones back home. There are some wonderful places to shop in the Algarve from massive department stores and designer boutiques to independent arts and crafts shops, to street markets and fairs. Traditional sweets such as marzipan sweets, and the wonderful Christmas cake ‘Bolo Rei’, which has a topping of candied fruit, along with a glass of mulled wine will give you the energy to shop until you drop!

Concerts and Music

Throughout December be sure to catch a Christmas concert in the Algarve. They are held all over the region, but usually the Philharmonic Association of Faro put on a good show, and the The Algarve Rock Choir, who teamed up with the Sâo Bras Sally Army last year are a real treat.


Music Algarve
Music Algarve

So if you are visiting the Algarve in December with these great activities you are sure to have fun and really get into the festive spirit!

This article is brought to you by Algarve Housing, the Algarve rental company Portugal, with unique villas for rent.

Contact me for any more details.

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Golf in the Algarve


Golf in the Algarve
Golf in the Algarve

Click on picture to enlarge.

Top 10 Golf Courses in the Algarve

The Algarve offers holidaymakers a dramatic landscape, stunning coastline, beautiful beaches, a wonderful climate and plenty to see and do.

For those who like to get a bit more active on their holiday in the Algarve, there are plenty of places to try all different kinds of sporting activities, and golf in the Algarve, is one of the most popular.

The Algarve is renowned as one of the best golf destinations in the world, with golfers of all nationalities coming to enjoy a game of golf in the Algarve. There are many golf courses all over the Algarve, spread out over east and west. Wherever you are in the Algarve, you are sure to find a great golf course to play.

Golfers in the Algarve, will love rolling up their sleeves and playing a round or two in the sunshine while admiring views of the breath-taking coastline.

So where exactly can you play golf in the Algarve? If you would like to golf in the Algarve here are 10 of the best golf courses in the Algarve, that golf enthusiasts are sure to love. Algarve Housing made this list for YOU!

Golf in the Algarve
Golf in the Algarve
  1. Laguna Golf Course, Vilamoura

This 18 hole course stands out in the area as being one of the most challenging golf course in the Algarve. There are several lakes along the course and a rather high number of bunkers. Being situated on the coast means strong winds can often knock balls off course. It shares its clubhouse with the neighbouring
Oceanico golf course where guests can enjoy a relaxing drink or meal after the game. Golf in the Algarve doesn’t get better than this.

  1. Monte Rei Golf Course, Vila Nova de Cacela

This stunning 18 hole golf course in the East Algarve, offers beautiful surrounds to enjoy golf in the Algarve. With the Serro do Calderao to the north, and the Atlantic Ocean to the south. Designed by Jack Nicklaus and set in over 1,000 acres stunning nature you are sure to enjoy your game of golf in the Algarve.

  1. Penina Golf Course, Portimão

Perhaps one of the most famous and historic golf courses in the Algarve, this resort offers three beautiful, 18 hole courses set within 360 acres of stunning landscape. The resorts 5 star hotel is the epitome of luxury where guest can relax after a game of golf with attentive staff on hand to look after their every need.

Golf in the Algarve
Golf in the Algarve
  1. Ocean Golf Course, Vilamoura

This historic golf course in the Algarve, first opened in the sixties and is one of the most famous 18 hole golf courses in the Algarve. With spectacular views of the glistening ocean this is a challenging, yet rewarding golf course, and definitely one to play.

  1. Old Course, Vilamoura

Another course where you can golf in the Algarve, which opened several decades ago, is the Old Course which is located in the Vilamoura region. A Par 73 makes this 18 hole golf course good for well-rounded golfers with some easier holes (try for a hole in one at number 4) and some more challenging. Overall this course is well kept, good value and has an excellent clubhouse which looks over the 9th and 18th holes.

  1. Pine Cliffs, Albufeira

This 9 hole golf course in the Algarve, is truly majestic. It caters to beginners, so perfect for families wanting to enjoy a knockabout rather than keen professionals. However Pine Cliffs golf course is sure to delight all who visit it, and is famed for its enviable location on the cliffs of Albufeira with gorgeous ocean views.

Golf in the Algarve
Golf in the Algarve
  1. Pinhal Golf Course, Vilamoura

This gentle 18 hole golf course in the Algarve, takes players through pine trees and has only a couple of ponds and a stream as water hazards. It is suitable for golfers in the Algarve, with a good grasp of the game -not complete beginners, with the back 9 holes being easier to play. The golf course was designed by Frank Pennink, a Champion Amateur golfer, and international gold course designer.

  1. Pinheiros Altos, Quinta do Lago

Designer Ronald Fream came up with the concept for this challenging golf course in the Algarve, which can be found in Quinta do Lago. Best reserved for keen golfers, this golf course has many hazards along the way, but make sure you pause at hole 17 to look at the rather lovely view! This is an 18 hole golf course, with an additional 9 holes to play as well.

  1. Quinta Do Lago North, Quinta do Lago

Another 18 hole course designed for a more advanced golfer, this course offers rolling hills, strategically placed bunkers and several challenging water hazards to navigate around. In fact, the golf course in the Algarve, has a reputation in the golfing world for being particularly difficult with four par 5 holes along the way.

  1. Quinta Do Lago South, Quinta do Lago

This spectacular Algarve 18 hole golf course is an absolute must-see. Possibly the most famous in the Algarve, this golf course is known for hosting the Portugal/ Algarve Open on more than one occasion. The challenging golf course requires long drives and many of its holes are positioned near a large lake. The trees and wildflowers of the Ria Formosa National Park are truly magnificent and make this the perfect place to golf in the Algarve.

This article is brought to you by Algarve Housing, the villa rental company for better holidays in the Algarve, Portugal. Please contact me for more information regarding this article about golf in the Algarve, or for any of our unique villas in the Algarve, Portugal.

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What to do in the Algarve in November?



Algarve beach in November
Algarve beach in November


The beautiful Algarve is a fantastic place to visit any time of year. If you fancy an out of season holiday you can take advantage of cheaper flights and a quieter time of year. A late autumn holiday can be just the thing to get you refreshed and relaxed in time for the party season, and despite the slightly cooler temperature, the Algarve in November still boasts a wonderful climate, with over 300 days of sunshine each year, so you are still likely to have some pleasant t-shirt weather (around 17-20 degrees in the shade), so do remember to pack a jumper or two to keep you warm during the slightly chillier evenings.

Algarve Housing like to inform you about what is there to do in the Algarve during November. Well there is still plenty going on, and with wonderful landscapes, cozy cafe’s and great places to eat and drink in the evening you are sure to find plenty to keep you entertained. In fact, one of the great benefits of coming to the Algarve in November is that the cafe’s and restaurants will be less busy, they may have shorter opening hours, but friendly staff will have plenty of time to give you a warm, personalized service, and will happily share their knowledge of the area, and give you fantastic tips on must-see places to visit, and things to do.

In November the Algarve starts to blossom with beautiful flora and fauna, and the cooler temperatures make this a perfect time of year to go on long walks, admiring the landscape, spotting wildlife, or heading down to the stunning stretches of coastline where you can laze on the beach, make sandcastles and take a dip in the beautiful aquamarine sea.


Sint Martin Algare
Sint Martin Algare

The wonderful festive markets begin to come to life at this time of year too, so when exploring the local towns you are sure to find these, with stalls selling local products such as arts and crafts and food, which make for lovely souvenirs to take home with you. While you are there make sure you grab a bag of warm roasted chestnuts which will put you in the festive holiday spirit! The 11th of November is in fact Dia da São Martinho – the day of St Martin, and if you happen to be in a busier town, or city such as Faro, the streets will come alive for the celebration where roast chestnuts are in abundance, music is played and lanterns are lit and people enjoy tasting the new year’s wine. Traditionally this day is also the last day of the 40 days fast known as Quadragesima Sancti Martin, therefore a fantastic opportunity to eat, drink and be merry with the local residents.


Algarve fairs and markets
Algarve fairs and markets

Some wonderful places to visit include the peaceful tranquility of the Barragem de Bravura reservoir where you can take walks through the magnificent national forest and also admire the quaint architecture of the local village of Barao de Sao Joao.


Sierra do Monchique Algarve
Sierra do Monchique Algarve

Further inland you can immerse yourself in nature even more by heading into the Sierra de Monchique, where you are sure to be impressed by the dramatic mountainous landscape. The town of Monchique itself is also charming with little cafe’s and shops to explore. While you are there why not take a little detour to the little hamlet of Caldas de Monchique, where the ancient spa waters are said to have fantastic healing properties.

November is a brilliant time of year to visit the Algarve, and with fewer crowds you can enjoy your holiday at a relaxed pace, away from the hustle and bustle and stresses of everyday life. With its temperate climate, activities and sightseeing is far more pleasant, so you can really get out there and see the best that the Algarve has to offer.

This article is brought to you by Algarve Housing, the villa rental company for unique villas in the Algarve, Portugal. Please contact me for any more details regarding what to do in the Algarve in November or information regarding the villas we rent in the Algarve.


Warm regards,


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Extend your summer in the Algarve!

September and October are great months to spend in the Algarve! Nice, warm weather, beaches are not crowded, and the food, drinks and the people are still lovely! Flights are cheap, so …. Come and play with us in the sunny Algarve.

Algarve Housing suggest: Extend your summer in the Algarve!!!

We have some nice villas in the Algarve  available for you!

villa Carvoeiro Portugal
Casa Alfanzina Carvoeiro

Casa Alfanzina, walking distance from popular Carvoeiro and the beach. Nice and quiet area, with private pool that can be heated.

Farmhouse Algarve
Farmhouse Bem Posta Alvor

The farmhouse Bem Posta is a secluded Quinta, with immense private pool, and garden, just outside picturesque Alvor.

villa algarve
Casa Joia

Casa Joia, just south of historic Silves, new on our books, and already many happy guests have stayed here! Maybe something for you?

The above villas Algarve stille have some free weeks for you for September and October, so extend your summer in the Algarve!

No time now? No problem, book your paradise in the Algarve for next year. Do not wait too long, as your favorite villa in the Algarve might be gone!

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any further information.

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Driving in the Algarve-How to handle the toll road A22

Toll road Algarve
Toll road Algarve


Driving in the Algarve-How to handle the toll road A22

We often get questions regarding the toll system in the Algarve. As it is complicated and confusing, the article below hopefully give you a bit more comprehension.

The main highway in the south of Portugal is the A22, also known as “Via do Infante”. It runs across the entire region and connects all the main cities, including Faro, Portimão and Lagos, reaching all the way to the Spanish border.

Originally, the A22 was not a toll road, but this changed in late 2011 when tolls were implemented. Because it was not originally meant as a toll-road, the A22 and the other former “SCUTs” in Portugal don’t have toll booths, making it remarkably easy to miss the fact that you’re using a toll road, and making it more than a little complicated to pay for the tolls even if you are inclined to do so.

In order to facilitate the process with rental cars, car hire suppliers give clients picking up their car in Portugal the option to acquire an electronic device that can be used to automatically pay for tolls. This device is associated with your credit card and the tolls are charged automatically every time you drive through a toll road. This device can be used both with the new automated system in more recent toll highways and with the existing system in traditional toll-roads, which have a fast lane for cars with automatic devices.

Please note that this device is optional and clients can refuse to take it if they so wish. Should you opt out of the device, you have two choices regarding the A22. On the one hand, you can simply pay for it the old-fashioned way, which means either at a Payshop or at the post-office. To pay for it in this manner, you must wait at least 48 hours after you have used the highway, but you have to pay for it no later than 5 days. If you go back to your country without paying for the tolls you’re due, the Portuguese police will issue a fine, which will be sent to your address on your rental information. On top of that, the car rental supplier will often charge an additional administrative fee on top of the fine.

Alternatively, you can simply choose not to use the highway A22. Contrary to popular belief, it’s perfectly possible to drive in the Algarve using only national roads. Please note, however, that unlike highways, national roads only have two lanes, one going in each direction. Furthermore, they tend to go through towns instead of around them, and traffic bottlenecks often occur on the roundabouts and traffic lights right before a town or city. It is also worth noting that Portuguese drivers usually avoid the highway, which is considered expensive by national standards, so you are likely to find more considerably more traffic in national roads than in highways. This is particularly true during the high season, since the Algarve is also a popular destination for Portuguese holidaymakers.

If instead of booking in Portugal you are holidaying in Spain but want to pop to the other side of the border for a quick getaway, fear not. Right across the border on the side of the highway there are vending machines where you can sort out everything you need to drive on the A22. And if you run into any difficulty using the machine, there’s a direct line to a help center, with agents usually speaking – besides Portuguese – Spanish and at least rudimentary English.

Algarve toll road
Algarve toll road

If you are a visitor, arriving at the Spanish Border in a foreign registered car
At the border on the A22 you will find an automatic vending machine. Here you can rent a transponder by entering your car registration number and your credit card. On your return you can drop off your ‘used’ transponder at the last service station (Olhao) where you will get part of the original cost refunded less a small rental fee. All tolls will be charged to your credit card. Should the vending machine be busy, you can also rent a transponder at the first service area on the motorway (Olhao).

You can also rent a transponder at any Post Office and from Faro Airport (in the Post Office),

Option Two is to purchase a five day pass, again from any Post Office, The cost is Euros 10 initially (or more), tolls must be pre-paid, so deposit enough to cover your expected journeys. As far as we can ascertain, you can only buy one of these, and you pay the normal toll charge, based on your journey. Refunds of unused tolls are possible, but we don’t know anyone who has tried! You will get a receipt which you should display on your dashboard, and keep in a safe place thereafter. One reader has told us that he has been told that the unused part of his payment will be refunded to his Credit Card automatically once the toll road concessionaires have calculated what he has used in tolls.

Option Three

Easy Toll & Toll Card (introduced July 2012). The new system features two methods of payment called ‘Easy Toll’ and ‘Toll Card’, developed by the national road company Estradas de Portugal in cooperation with the CTT postal service and electronic payment company UNICRE. Easy Toll is available at border crossings into Portugal featuring or near a former SCUT motorway; Vila Formoso (A25), Vila Real de Santo António (A22), Chaves (A24) and Vila Nova de Cerveira (EN13). Machines have been installed for users to pay tolls and staff are available to provide information. The Easy Toll system enables drivers of foreign registered vehicles to associate their number plate to a bank card for a period of up to one month, with toll charges being debited directly from their account. Toll Card meanwhile is a method whereby users can buy a card that is prepaid with five, ten, 20 or 40 euros, and can be activated and linked to a vehicle license number by sending a text message. Toll cards can be bought online, at post offices and motorway services stations

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Christmas and New Year in the Algarve?


Christmas in the Algarve?

Escape the cold, and enjoy some mild weather in the Algarve! We still have a few nice holiday villas available for the festive season.

Please contact me for any further information and prices.

Have a great time, whether you are in the Algarve or anywhere else in the world!

Warm regards,


Casa Canto

Casa Canto,

Townhouse in picturesque Boliqueime, cosy, Moroccan ambiance

Sleeps: up to 8



Casa Tunes

Casa Tunes

Modern villa with specatcular views

Sleeps: up to 10

Casa Arrochela

Casa Arrochela

Luxury villa near Silves, magnificent views over the river Arade towards portimao

Sleeps: up to 8/10



Casa Colina

Casa Colina

Countryside villa, walking distance to loacal bars and restaurants.

Sleeps:  up to 16

Casa Jacaranda

Casa Jacaranda

Countryside villa close to Silves, with private Jacuzzi

Sleeps: up to 14



Casa Vilarinha

Casa Vilarinha

Luxury villa, Moroccan style interiors, 6 en-suite bedrooms

Sleeps: up to 12

Casa Alfanzina

Casa Alfanzina

Walking distance to lively Carvoeiro, and beaches

Sleeps: up to 6




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What’s on in the Algarve?

what's on in the Agarve

Last week the temperatures have been high! One day I measured in the shade 37.4 degrees! Summer in the Algarve at the moment, so people who have been visiting the Algarve for holiday have been very lucky, and looking at the forecast, it seem to stay nice and sunny!

Lovely weather to visit one of the gorgeous beaches of the Algarve, play golf, or enjoy the beautiful nature of the Algarve by foot or mountain bike!

What else to do?

Algarve Housing give you a few of the many options to do:


Blue Summer Festival

Till 26 October

Festival dedicated to promote contemporary art in the Western Algarve, including performing and visual arts, cinema, music and lots of entertainment.

Where? Lagos and Portimao.

More information:

Email: reservas@festivalveraoazul.com Tel: 282 770 450 / 92 400 92 34 / 96 874 93 67

algarve spa week
algarve spa week

Algarve Spa Week

25 October-2 November

Algarve Spa week will offer holistic and alternative therapies, in luxurious and breath-taking spa rooms. For 8 days all spa treatments in the Algarve have a 50% reduction! So pamper yourself and ejoy the Algarve Spa week!


Voice and Piano Recital

Satuday 25 October

In the church of Messines the voice and piano recital will be held. Carla Pontes and Cristiana Silva will be performing at 9.30 pm.

More information: 282 330 189

swimming running

triathlon algarve
triathlon algarve

Martinhal Triathlon

Sunday 26 October

The 5-star Martinhal Beach Resort & Hotel will be hosting its first-ever Martinhal Triathlon on 26th October 2014! In cooperation with Algarve Triathlons will be doing a Sprint Triathlon (750m swim in the sea, 20km bike and 5km run) as well as an Olympic Triathlon (1.5km swim in the sea, 40km bike and 10km run) at Martinhal. The race will be controlled by Portuguese Triathlon Federation and results will be uploaded live at the FTP’s official website: www.federacao-triatlo.pt. Participation can be individual or team/ relay for both sprint and Olympic discipline and no federation membership is required. All participants will be insured through the Portuguese Federation.

The Race Venue is located at Martinhal Beach Resort, Sagres. The sea swimming will take place at Martinhal Beach. The run will take place around the resort. The bicycle route will take participants through the village of Sagres along a route past the historical Fortress of Sagres, and Fort of Beliche, to the lighthouse at the Cape of St. Vincent – located at the Southwestern-most point in Europe

SPRINT RACE: 750m swim, 20km bike and 5km run
Individuals: €30
Team: €65
This price includes after party (1 complimentary drink and lunch) and a Martinhal Triathlon T-shirt.

OLYMPIC RACE: 1.5km, 40km bike and 10km run
Individuals: €40
Team: €90
This price includes the after party (1 complimentary drink and lunch) and a Martinhal Triathlon T-shirt.


Car boot sales

25 October:

Albufeira and Mnte Gordo

10 am-7 pm

26 October:

Lagoa, fatacil and Olhao, Quelfes.


So enjoy the after summer in the Algarve!

This article is brought to you by Algarve Housing, the Algarve villa rental company for better holidays in Portugal.

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Things to do in September in the Algarve

september algarve

Algarve Housing like to update you with a few things to do in the Algarve, Portugal. Sea is lovely now to swim, weather still ok, friendly people, lovely food, nice live music in various beach bars… what else you want? A few things maybe…for you to choose from, see below some things to do in the Algarve in September


Jazz in Olhao

When:14 September

Where: Cantaloupe Bar, Municipal Market, Olhão

The details: Jazz concerts by leading Portuguese and international artists, at 6.30pm – Djangology: The Manouche Sessions

Price: €5 per person


Sunset Secrets Silves

When: 18 September from 6.30pm to 11pm

Where: Silves castle

The details: Programme of events including free relaxation massages, Mediterranean music concerts, belly dancing, local and regional products, food demonstrations and poetry dinners, all in unique surroundings within the castle walls.

Tickets: €5 per person (€4 for groups of 20 or more and €2 for Silves residents)


Vale do Lobo Art Gallery

When: 2 September – 3 November

What: Gervasio Exhibition

Where: Vale do Lobo Art Gallery

The details: A selection of work by contemporary Portuguese painter Gervasio.

Opening times: Monday to Friday between 10:00h and 19:00h. Entrance is free.


Algarve Coastal Challenge cycling weekend

When: 27-28 September

Where: Cape St. Vincent to Vila Real de Santo Antonio

Organised by: Algarve Bike Holidays

The details:

A 230 km route, consisting of mainly dirt tracks and quiet tarmac roads, covering some of the most beautiful and scenic parts of the Algarve coastline. You may also like to use this ride as an opportunity to raise money for the charity of your choice. It will be a fully guided ride, so all you have to do is pedal and enjoy the scenery. This ride is suitable for mountain bikes and hybrid bikes, but not road bikes.

Saturday 27th September 7.45am

Starting from Vilamoura Marina car park (on the Western side of the Marina , by the Lake Resort ) Algarve Bike Holidays will transport bikes and riders to Cape St Vincent. Riders will then spend the day cycling back to Vilamoura .

Sunday 28th September 7.45am

Algarve Bike Holidays transport bikes and riders from Vilamoura Marina (see above) to Vila Real de Santo António on the Spanish border. Riders then spend the day cycling back to Vilamoura.

On both days, there will be a break for lunch and cafe stops mid morning and mid afternoon as time/progress allows.

For visitors from overseas, the company can provide:

Airport transfers; Friday, Saturday & Sunday night B&B accommodation; Transfers to start of rides; Guided bike rides

€260 per person (price based on two sharing a twin room)

For local Algarve residents the company can provide:

Transfers to start of rides; Guided bike rides

€70 per person (including lunch on Saturday)

Bike hire is available for around €40 for the two days.

noite branca

And IF you by any chance in the north of Portugal, in Braga is Saturday 13th of September the Noite branca! White night in Braga! This year cancelled in Loule, but Braga not. How lucky can you be, as currently I am travelling in north of Portugal, so Braga, I will be there at the noite Branca!

Algarve Housing is the rental company for better holidays in Portugal, from luxury villas Algarve, till rustic windmills.

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September in the Algarve? Sunshine and nice villas on discount!

Escape the bad weather?

Why not, the weather in the Algarve is still toptastic, flights getting cheaper, the beaches more empty, but still the nice sun beds, and the bars still playing live music, and nice cocktails still waiting for you!
Plus we have a few villas on discount! For September AND October.

Algarve Housing show you a few nice villas below, but please contact me for any more nice deals!

Casa Santa Anna

Casa Santa Anna  luxury villa near Loule, sleeps up to 9 guests.

Casa Jacaranda

Casa Jacaranda villa near Silves, sleeps up to 14 guests.

Bem Posta

Farmhouse Bem Posta close to Alvor, sleeps up to max 12 persons!

Casa Lavender

Casa Lavender luxury 3 bedroom villa between Silves and Messines

Casa Sesmarias

Casa Sesmarias luxury villa between Carvoeiro and Ferragudo, sleeps up to 8!

Casa Toia

Casa Toia luxury villa between Silves and Messines, sleeps up to 8!

Algarve Housing is the better villa rental company of the Algarve, for your perfect holiday in Portugal. Please visit our website to find your paradise in the Algarve.

Contact me  for any further information regarding the Algarve and the villas for rent in the Algarve.

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Winter in the Algarve?

Winter break in the Algarve???

Algarve Housing can help you!!!!

For the Northern Europeans, Canadian & other North Americans, winter stretches from the October to the end of March. At least 5 months with temperatures below 0º for weeks on end and even colder with the wind chill factor.
Everything is covered with snow. It has even been known to snow on Easter weekend. With these winter conditions, it’s no wonder the idea of finding warmth in the winter is paramount. Many have discovered that what the Portuguese call ‘winter’ , the Canadians call ‘a stroll in the sun’. The golf courses are green, the delicate pink and white Almond blossoms bloom in January and masses of wild flowers cover the countryside from February to May: fields are blanketed with crimson red poppies or bright yellow buttercups with wild orchids hiding among them, all swaying in the warm spring breezes. Amazing lemons the size of oranges and oranges the size of grape fruits! And the sweet taste of these oranges is delicious!

Clear blue skies and sunshine are a very big plus. The great food at reasonable prices and excellent local wine is a big PLUS of the Algarve.
Portugal satisfies all these criteria and more! The Portuguese serve very good food, even in the smallest restaurants. Every small restaurant in towns, offer genuine home cooked meals, usually with a meat and fish dish on the daily special. Good bottle of wine for under €3 in a store. And €10 in a restaurant. AND good winter long-stay rates and good prices on car rentals. All these conditions are in abundance in the Algarve, especially now during these difficult economic times.

Guests in Portugal are most welcome. They are happy to bask in the ‘winter’ sun, all afternoon, while having lunch at a beach café, or while strolling along the beaches in the heat of the day.
Shopping lovers will discover the little boutiques in Old Town Albufeira, Alvor, Lagos, or Portimão that have some of the most unique finds: hand embroidered linen tablecloths, beautiful baby clothes, leather shoes and colourful ceramics and exquisite jewellery.

Please contact me for our special winter break villas in the Algarve, or have a look at our winter rental page!

Warm Regards,

Algarve Housing