Culture in Portugal

Portuguese Culture and Traditions

culture in portugal
Portugal football

Culture in Portugal. Portugal is a vibrant and diverse country which has many Portuguese customs and traditions which influence its Portuguese culture. They have a particularly strong interest in the arts including music, drama, dance and song and of course paintings and sculptures.

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Traditional Folklore

culture in portugal
Traditional folklore

Examples of traditional folklore can be found throughout Portugal and many ancient and contemporary works are displayed in museums and galleries throughout the city. From the largest towns to the smallest villages traditional folklore is celebrated through various festivals and events, most of which include traditional dress dance and cuisine.

Café culture

Café culture is strong in Portugal and visitors can enjoy the laid-back atmosphere in busy squares or on cafe-lined streets where they can enjoy a delicious Portuguese coffee and tart while soaking up the sunshine.

Football, culture in Portugal

culture in portugal
Algarve Stadium

Football is by far the most popular sport in the country and their teams have avid supporters from all over the world There are many huge stadiums in major cities which support big football games which locals and visitors come from all over to see.

Food and Drinks

culture in portugal
Pasteis de nata

Portugal culture offers some wonderful cuisine. Some of its most famous dishes include pastéis de nata (custard tarts), regional cheeses, and salted cod, as well as a range of freshly cooked seafood. Portugal is also admired for its great variety of wines, producing many award winning wines which are enjoyed all over the world.

The Arts

Portugal culture enjoys a thriving arts and cultural scene. With a huge number of museums and galleries, theatres, event spaces and music venues there is something to suit everyone’s tastes. A varied and exciting nightlife for those who like to stay out late can also be enjoyed in the regions bigger cities, particularly in the capital. The architecture of Portugal is also widely revered with many medieval castles to be explored. Some of the country’s most famous buildings include Belém Tower, Jerónimos Monastery, Porto Cathedral, Teatro Nacional de São Carlos, Pena National Palace, and the Vasco da Gama Tower.


Festivals take place throughout the year in Portugal, with many of them having a religious element at their core. Romarias (pilgrimages) are frequent and honor the patron saint of a particular region. These processions are often colorful, musical events which end with a huge street party style celebration so are certainly worth seeing if you are in the area.

The Family and society

culture in Portugal
Portuguese family

The family is at the heart of Portuguese culture along with the belief that they are the foundation upon which stability and wellbeing are formed. There are many traditions within families that must be adhered to and respect, loyalty and to care for one another is central to stable family life. 

Portuguese people tend to be traditional, respectful, not excessive and conservative, and so remain formal, polite, gracious and helpful until they have got to know you better. Once you have become friends you can expect the handshake to be replaced with a warm hug, and conversation to be free, relaxed and animated!

As you can tell Portugal is a fascinating, spirited country full of interesting culture, and it’s warm people, excellent cuisine, beautiful architecture, food and drink, and many arts and entertainments attractions are what makes thousands of people flock to this wonderful country year after year.

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