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Algarve holiday

It might be that you wish for a short break to recharge your batteries this spring. Or maybe you’re planning for your family summer holiday in Portugal? Or you might want to surprise your lover on a romantic trip to the Algarve. Whichever the case, here are ten reasons why the Algarve should be your number one choice. Algarve Housing likes to share with you:

weather algarve

1. The Weather

Of course, the weather in Portugal! Sun nearly guaranteed all year round! Who would not want to have a beach session in May? It is possible, yes! And during the warmer summer days, the ocean breeze will make sure you can still enjoy your holiday in Portugal. And sit outside sipping a glass of wine at night, feeling that exotic warmth on your bare skin.

2. The Beaches

Cliché but so true: the Algarve abounds in beautiful sandy beaches. You can chose from over 150 different ones, from the bounty-kind islands on the east to the wild and vast beaches of the west, going through cosy coves and lively beaches in the centre. Pick and choose your beach in the Algarve.

food in portugal

3. The Food

Portugal has become increasingly popular for its simple but tasty food. There is plenty choice from fresh fish and sea-food to the famous chicken piri-piri and many local dishes based on wild game. For the sweet tooth, there are plenty deserts made from local products of the Algarve, like almonds, honey and carobs. Not to forget the famous pastel de nata. Bom apetite!

4. The Prices

Portugal is one of the most budget-friendly holiday destinations. You can have great lunch in the Algarve, for under ten euros. And it is also still possible to find affordable accommodations in Portugal. For families, there are often many offers, especially in spring and autumn. Your wallet will definitely like the holiday in the Algarve…

5. The Countryside

When you get tired of the coast, there still is plenty to discover in-land. Explore the countryside of the Algarve, a rich agricultural region with oranges, lemons, almonds, carobs and not to forget the great cork oaks. Monchique offers a taste of the beautiful green interior, and many small villages in the hilly inlands of the Algarve form a great change of scenery from the touristy coast.

surf in portugal

6. Surfing

And water sports in general. But especially surfing in Portugal. The Algarve is a particularly popular surfing destination, with its beautiful waves on the west coast and the many surfing schools that provide gear and lessons for all levels. However, you can pick any water sport in the Algarve, from snorkelling to Stand Up Paddling, kite surfing, water-skiing, etc. Enjoy the water during your holiday in Portugal!

7. History and Culture

Many castles and cathedrals dot the Algarve and recall ancient times. You can easily spend your days sipping in the past of Portugal and the Moore influences in the Algarve. Larger cities offer museums as well for those eager to know more in detail about the glorious past of the Algarve.

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8. Golf in the Algarve

Forty-two golf courses to pick from, from 9-hole courses to 18-hole courses, a wide range of difficulty levels and with the ocean as a back drop. It is of no surprise that the Algarve is a popular golf destination. Some courses are ranged among the best in Europe, and even the world.

9. Night life

If you come alive at night, there is plenty on offer on the coast. Albufeira, Portimão, Lagos, Vilamoura…are all vibrant cities that have a great choice of bars and nightclubs. You can head straight to a coffee shop for your breakfast when you’re finished with dancing.

family holiday portugal

10. Family-friendly

Portuguese like children. We like the Algarve for that. If you have kids, rest in peace. You will find plenty activities suited for children in the Algarve, but above all: you will find a lovely attitude to children. And is there anything that makes a greater holiday than to let your children run around freely?

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