Top Ten Tips for Winter in the Algarve

winter in the Algarve

Winter in the Algarve

Top 10 reasons to visit the Algarve in the winter

There is plenty of reasons to visit the Algarve all year round, every season has its pros and cons. It might feel a little early to start thinking about your winter holidays, but there are some very obvious, and some less obvious reasons why spending your winter in the Algarve is a very good idea indeed.
Algarve Housing has many nice properties for rent, suitable for the winter, and negotiate adorable prices for long stays!
Why would you spent the winter in the Algarve?

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1. Weather

The most obvious one is the mild weather during winter time. On average, temperatures vary between 10 and 15 degrees, and when the sun is out, it can even be warm enough for a visit to the beach! Also, on average, there is little rainfall, so chances are big you will get your share of sunshine.

2. No Queues, Peace and Quiet

As it is low season, it is nice and quiet, which concretely means: no queuing for a table at restaurants, no crowded beaches, and empty roads. This also means: no long waiting lines at entertainment parks like Zoo marine and Slide and Splash, who have lengthened their opening season. For those who love peacefulness, this is the time to come to the Algarve!

3. Low Prices

As a direct consequence of it being low season, prices are also much, much lower, saving you many euros on not only accommodation (rental prices are much cheaper too), but also on other, tourist related activities. Your wallet will be grateful!

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4. Surf the Waves

Winter is best surfing season, the best waves and again: not so crowded!

5. Outdoor activities

Any outdoor activity like biking and horse riding is so much more pleasant during winter time because temperatures are much lower and the countryside is green and lush. Chances are big that you will actually survive (and therefore enjoy) the physical effort, as opposed to during the summer.

6. Enjoy Wild Life

Wild life is more abundant in the winter, so any trip into nature, whether inland or on sea, will be so much more rewarding in terms of spotting animals.

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7. Jeep Tours

Jeep tours into the countryside without the dust, the burning sun, into lush vegetation rather than dried grass…need we say more?

8. Enjoy Local Culture

Strolling through historical cities, sniffing in local culture…how great to be able to do that without a heat stroke or sunburns! Wow, it seems like everything is more pleasurable during winter in the Algarve!

9. Shopping

On rainy days, there still is plenty choice of things to do, like shopping in one of the many shopping malls the Algarve has on offer, wine tasting or visiting a museum.

10. Beach Bars

Let us not forget that there are still beach bars open during winter in Portugal, and that when the sun is out, they are a great spot to enjoy life with a good glass of wine or a good meal.

Do we need to give you any more reasons to come to the Algarve during the winter? You might have the best holiday ever, enjoy!

Winter let prices

Algarve Housing has nice winter let prices for staying 1 month or more in the Algarve Portugal. Some holiday houses have a minimum stay of 1 month, some 2 or 3 months.

Most properties have a monthly price with electricity/heating separate. This will be paid according your consumption. Meter readings will be done on the day of your arrival and departure or every month, depends how long you staying. This is the most, fair deal we can offer. Heating can be by air-conditioning unit that also has warm air, wood burner and/or electric heaters. Logs for the wood burner can be arranged.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any further details regarding winter rentals in Portugal!

Which months are winter months in Portugal?

The winter months, meaning the low season months in the Algarve, starting the first of November till the first of April.

We like to show you a few properties suitable for long stay in the winter:

More winter let villas you can find on the winter rentals web page



Quinta Rustica

Rustic farmhouse just outside picturesque Ferragudo. 4 houses with private terraces, and nice wood burner. House 2 and 4 are still available for winter let.

House 2:

Upstairs 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom.

House 4:

Upstairs 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, and downstairs 1 bedroom and bathroom.

Pets allowed

Winter rent per month: from € 950 per month inclusive electricity, ex logs for wood burner.

Minimum stay: 3 months

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Vale de Vila

Vale de Vila is a countryside luxury villa near historic Silves.

Very nice open kitchen/dining area and cozy lounge.

Winter rent per month: €1500 euros ex electricity, cleaning and logs

Minimum stay: 3 months.

Ferragudo Elements

Ferragudo Elements has 4 holiday houses with each 3 floors, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, air-conditioning for hot air. Located in the center of Ferragudo.

Winter rent per month: 1000 euros ex water and electricity

Minimum stay: 1 month

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Please contact me for any further details of the mild winter in Portugal and the nice winter let villas in the Algarve.

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