Treat yourself during your Holiday in the Algarve?

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Holiday in the Algarve

There you are, in the Algarve in Portugal. You have one week (or maybe more, lucky you…) to recharge all batteries during your holiday in the Algarve, so you can go home after your holidays feeling ten years younger, ready to lift the world all by yourself. Now is the time to really give yourself some sweet treats, and here are some of the most regenerative possibilities in the Algarve:

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Spa Salino

Not to be missed while you on holiday in the Algarve, this little un-discovered, low-key yet delicious treat for body and mind: the outdoor spa created at the salt-mines near Castro Marim (East Algarve). Exciting and extremely relaxing to float in this dense salt baths. Enjoy that feeling of smothering yourself with the mud that is full of nourishing minerals, a feast for your body! And then just relax on the sunbeds with a fresh fruit juice, while you take in the wonderful views surrounding you. No better way to spoil yourself, also when you are not on holiday (wink, wink).

Silent Walk

Free and so easy to do: go for a long, silent walk, in Nature of the Algarve. It could be one of those wonderful beaches on the west coast, in the lush greenery of Monchique, or anywhere, really. The best way to let go of any unnecessary luggage and re-connect with yourself. Never done this before? Worth a try!

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Book a massage, or have a spontaneous one on the beach! There are plenty beaches (Albufeira, Meia Praia, Salema, Praia da Rocha, Vilamoura…) that in summer, offer this wonderful service so you can savour the relaxing touch while hearing the sea whisper in your ears and feel the wind softly caress your skin. But the rest of the year, there is plenty of choices for a good massage while you on holiday in Portugal. Contact me!


The obvious one: a day at a Spa in the Algarve to really indulge in the luxury of total treatment. There is a wide range of choice in the Algarve, here are some of the best rated: 7Seven Spa in Vilamoura, Vila Vita Vital Spa in Porches, Spa Alba in Lagoa, Conrad Spa in Quinta do Lago, Swan Day Spa in Alvôr, Bali Spa in Albufeira…just to name a few.

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Sup Yoga

Try something new, combining two amazing sports that will get you right in the here and now because it will need your full attention: SUP Yoga. What better way to wake up than stretching your body on the sea while the sun is rising? On offer in Lagos, Sagres, Portimão and Ferragudo.

Fonte Santa

A hidden gem little known by tourists but very popular with the elderly locals (the secret to their vitality!) is Fonte Santa (Holy Source), warm spring water with allegedly curing properties. It is a short, beautiful walk to the place (near Barragem de Odelouca) through lush forest, a little building housing two baths that fill themselves with this magic water. You will instantly get ten years younger!

Sound healing

To harmonize and realign the body, mind and spirit, treat yourself to a sound healing experience, either a sound journey or a sound therapy or massage. Sound is a very ancient practice of humankind through which deeper layers of your being can be reached helping your inner healer to release blockades and experience a profound state of relaxation. Organic healing Sound in Aljezur or Yoga Holiday Algarve on the East are some of the companies that offer such sound healing treatments, or you can book a session through Serenity in Lagoa.

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Nothing beats dancing to feel vital and alive again. When we allow our body to freely move to the sound of music, we naturally express and liberate what we feel, thus spontaneously regenerating our body, mind and spirit. There are different types of dancing through which you can attain this state of pure being and joy. Try a Biodanza session (on offer in Quinta da Calma in Almancil and in Portimão); Trance Dance is another way to reach inner wisdom, sometimes on offer in Quinta da Calma. There is also a slowly growing Ecstatic Dance Community, in Faro, Portimao and in Lagos, or keep an eye on the Moagem in Aljezur, a venue where there is often conscious dance events on offer.


And the same applies to singing! Open your heart and sing mantras, a profound and practical method of self-awakening which speaks to the deep organic roots of man’s being by the use of vocalised sound-currents. Mantra is known for its vibrant pulsation of subtle healing frequencies which purify body and mind. Regularly on offer in Monte Rosa (Barão São João) and also possible near Tavira, at Horta das Canas.


And back to the self-care that is easy, free and should be on your number one priority list during a holiday in the Algarve: sleep! When rested, the body will automatically recharge its batteries and you will flourish again!

Enjoy your holiday in the Algarve with those top tips!

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