Weather in the Algarve

weather in the algarve

Weather in the Algarve

“What is the weather in the Algarve in January (or any other month) like?” is one of the many questions people often ask me. As you know, weather is unpredictable, that is a fact, but Algarve Housing likes to give you a guideline what you can expect of the weather in the Algarve in the four seasons of the year.


The summer is over, the first rain has arrived and we can finally feel a little sniff of autumn. And for those who cannot stand the heat of the summer, this is the best period to consider a holiday in Portugal, until sometime in spring.

And the good news is that sunshine still is abundant in Portugal, but now in a more bearable, enjoyable jacket. It means you actually want to sit in the sun to enjoy its soft and warming caress, rather than melting and roasting until not much of yourself is left. It means you can actively undertake day-trips, to wherever, without wondering how to survive the heat of the day. It means the landscapes start turning lush and green again. And it also means: it is less busy than in the high season of the summer!

weather in Algarve


Although the summer has its advantages, especially for those who like to swim in warm sea water which then has an average temperature of 21°C (70°F), many will agree that the months just before and after the summer (May-June and September-October) are even better options for a visit Algarve. There still is plenty of sunshine (between 7 and 12 hours per day), and average temperatures vary between 18°C  (64°F) and 23°C (73°F), possibly reaching temperatures around 30°C (86°F), making it absolutely an option to sunbathe on the beach. For golfers all around the world, autumn is the most favourite season for their golf holiday in the Algarve.

You might get some rain, but still, the weather in the Algarve in May only rains on seven days on average, in June two, in September five and in October eight. Enough dry days to keep enjoying the outdoor activities!

winter algarve


Even in the winter, the weather in the Algarve can be mild and be a great season to go to the Algarve if you’re not particularly interested in spending your days getting a tan on the beach. Although generally, it is the coldest season, temperatures average between 9°C  (48°F) and 16°C (61°F), yet in the sun, it is quite common to reach the low 20’s. Perfect for some hiking or biking, or just relaxing on a terrace. Yes, there can be rain, which is great as it turns the countryside refreshed and lush. And yes, temperatures at night can drop, but is there anything cozier than to sit by a fireplace with a good glass of wine? In January and February, you even get the pleasure of the sight of the Almond trees blossoming, and wild flowers slowly start to appear.

weather in the Algarve


And before you know it, spring has knocked on the door of the Algarve again, with the abundance of colors and scents from all the trees and plants fully blossoming. It is beach weather again, temperatures easily reach the 30’s in the sun, and there is no bigger delight than to sniff in all the beauty of nature that spring always generously offers.

Yes, the Algarve boosts a great all year round climate with clear, blue skies and more than 300 days of sunshine, but always keep in mind that the weather in the Algarve, is ever more unpredictable, and that averages do not guarantee that it will be like that on your holiday in the Algarve. You can always be unlucky and have that one week of unusual rain or cold temperatures, so remember to come with an open mind and not let the weather make or break your holiday in the Algarve.

This article about the weather in the Algarve, has been brought to you by Algarve Housing, for quality villa rentals in the Algarve.

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