West Algarve, worth a visit?

map Algarve POrtugal
Map Algarve Portugal

Algarve Housing rent villas in West, East and Central Algarve. Very often we get asked which part to go, what to do there, any kind of advice. We will make a nice article about each part of the Algarve, so you can read and make up your mind. It is all a matter of taste of course, but, with those articles, we hope to help you a bit to make the right choice.

Today we present The West Algarve. Enjoy, and do not hesitate to contact me for any further details regarding the Western Algarve.

surfing west coastThe Western Region of the Algarve is maybe the most undiscovered by mass tourism, though it is getting increasingly popular. No wonder. Its protected wild coast has been classified as a natural parc, the Parque Natural Alentejano e da Costa Vicentina, and offers a wide range of outdoor activities, but those seeking peace can go to any of the  magnificent beaches. It lends itself perfectly for hiking or mountain biking, there is the very popular Fisherman’s trail, or shorter, circular trails.

Surfing West Coast

More for the sportive, there exist quite a few surfing schools (in Sagres, on praia da Arrifana, praia Castelejo, praia de Amado, to name just a few) where they will teach you, in an afternoon or during longer courses, the basics to catch one of those impressive waves. The West Coast is very popular for surfing!

West Algarve


If you want even more adrenaline, try coasteering (with Coastline Algarve): it’s all about swimming, climbing, walking and jumping along and from the cliffs, the more dare-devil you are, the higher.

western Algarve

Donkey trekking

If you prefer something slower, donkey trekking might be just your perfect choice to do on the Western Algarve Coast. A great way to experience nature in touch with those cutest, stubborn animals, who will not let themselves be hurried. Also good fun with kids, the smallest can get a ride. Burros&Artes provides shorter and longer trips on the West coast.

dolphins algarve

Boat trips

The best way to explore the contrasting cliff formations of the West Coast, dropping into idyllic turquoise waters is by boat. Lagos offers a wide range of possibilities, from exploring caves and the under-water world by kayak to dolphin watching trips. Most tours of the Western Algarve, are offered with guides who can tell you all about marine life.

Lagos Algarve
Lagos Marina

Cities West Algarve

For some more cultural diversion, you can either head for the small town of Aljezur, with its Moorish castle perched on top and its very laid back atmosphere. Or, if you prefer a livelier resort town with a wide range of restaurants, bars and shops, go to Lagos. Its rich seafaring heritage can be felt in the collection of medieval castle walls, churches and sea defenses.

West coast algarve
Monchique Mountains


A nice windy road will lead you to The Serra de Monchique (Monchique Range), a chain of mountains in the western part of the Algarve region of Portugal, about 20 km inshore. The chain’s highest point is the peak of Fóia, at 902 m. Caldas de Monchique is a little village just before Monchique. Both worth a visit.


West Algarve
Cabo de Sao Vicente

Cabo de São Vicente

You cannot miss a visit to the most south-western point of Europe. It means dramatic cliffs, blowing wind in your hair, the endless ocean in front of you, dreaming about the discovery of the world by the courageous explorers many centuries ago. Watching the sunset in the West Algarve, at the light house, is a magical experience! It is “the End of the Inhabited World”. This cape not only serves as a navigational beacon, but also as a stop for thousands of migrating birds. Every year in October, it hosts a birdwatching festival. To reach this most sout west Algarve, you will pass Sagres.

Villages of the West Coast

Just driving through the inlands of the Western Algarve will get you through some lazy villages where time stood still, and old people spend their days watching life pass by at their doorstep. Barão de São João and Barão de São Miguel are a just a couple worth paying a short visit; Carrapateira on the coast will give you that special feeling of a simple fisherman’s village.

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