What time can we arrive at our Holiday Villa in the Algarve?

arrival time holiday villa

What time can we arrive at our Holiday Villa in the Algarve?

This is a question we very often get, and I do understand why. Weeks, if not months, you are looking forward to your holiday to the Algarve, and finally you arrive at Faro airport, but the villa you have booked is not ready yet! Or you are with a large group, the whole family from grandparents to baby’s, and you arrive 9am at the airport and the villa is not ready till late in the afternoon! WHAT A BUMMER!!! It is hot, sweaty weather in the Algarve, and the baby is crying, and need changing, granddad really need his afternoon nap!!!

What to do???

Algarve Housing, always like to know your arrival and departure time upfront. So please inform us!

Arrival time at your holiday property in the Algarve

The standard arrival time at holiday villas in the Algarve, is between 3 and 4 pm. We always need your flight number and arrival time at which airport. We will inform your contact person during your stay. Always contact them AFTER car hire, so they know you are on your way.

When previous guests are leaving the same day

The holiday villa in the Algarve, need to be cleaned, the sheets need to be changed, and the fridge need to be emptied, as well as the rubbish bins. The garden and outside terraces will be cleared and cleaned. The villa need to be checked, if all is working fine. Depending on the size of the holiday property, but a team of cleaners start cleaning the villa from top till bottom. Everything need to be clean! This is a lot of work and need time!

In case you arrive early, and wish to arrive earlier at the villa, we can offer to leave your luggage at the villa, and suggest to do your shopping, have a nice lunch, and come back at an agreed time. We do our utmost, to make it as comfortable as possible, but as you wish to enter a clean villa, you have to understand we need time to get the holiday villa ready for YOU!

holiday villa in the algarve

When NO previous guest leaving the same day

When you have informed us about your arrival time at which airport, you can go straight to the villa. We will inform your contact person during your stay with your details. And you will be welcomed at your holiday villa.

Departure time at your holiday villa in the Algarve

When next guests arriving the same day

The standard departure time is between 10 and 11 o’clock. Sometimes the cleaning lady(s) start earlier. We try to inform you regarding this.

In case you have a late departure, we try if you can leave your luggage and pick it up later, but this is not always possible!

We always ask our guests to take away the rubbish, do not leave dirty dishes and leave the villa tidy.

If anything is broken, please inform your contact person, so we can repair, or replace this.

When NO next guests arriving the same day

Please inform us if you have a late departure and we will try you staying longer in the holiday villa.

In short:

We always try the best and most convenient for you, but please understand, the villa need to be cleaned, checked, and maintained, this needs time!

Always make sure we have your arrival and departure details, so we can try to work something out for you!

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