What to do in the Algarve in February?

Carnival Algarve
Carnival Algarve

What to do in the Algarve in February

A visit to the Algarve in February makes for a fantastic holiday. This time of year is considered ‘out of season’ due to the cooler climates and there being no school holidays. However there are many advantages visiting the Algarve in February during these quieter periods.

The weather is still warm and pleasant (around 18-20 degrees) which means you can still enjoy the areas stunning coastline, take walks on the beautiful beaches, go on a boat trip and hike around the area to admire the breath-taking landscapes, flora and fauna that are blossoming at this time of year. Spring flowers are in full bloom so make for a rather spectacular sight, check out the cliffs at Ponta da Piedade in Lagos, for example, for a remarkable rainbow of colors. Last but not least, you can get good bargains on villa rentals! Contact Algarve Housing for more info!

Many visitors also enjoy taking part in water sports in February in the Algarve, where the water is less crowded so it is easy to surf, waterski, body board and swim -if perhaps a little chilly depending on what the temperature is like!

Resorts, towns and villages and the cafe’s restaurants and bars within them do tend to be quieter in February. Some even close out of season so be sure to check before you leave to be certain that you will have everything you require. The good news is that if places are less busy it can seem as though you have the whole place to yourself which is rather lovely, and can expect personalized attention from staff who are warm and welcoming and will be less rushed and stressed than they are in the most popular tourist months. Of course in the cities you can expect everything to be open all year round.

What to do in February in the Algarve?
Carnival Loule Algarve

Carnival in the Algarve

Of course February in the Algarve, you can take part in one of the most anticipated events in the whole of the calendar year, Carnival (Carnaval, or Mardi Gras) falls on the 9th of February this year and is a spectacular celebration, and one which the entire family can enjoy. The festival falls on the weekend leading up to Shrove Tuesday, and is a colorful and friendly street party where music, dancing and stalls of food and drink are all in abundance. Loulé in central Algarve (Portugal) is the most well-known for its Brazilian style Carnival in the Algarve. However if you are holidaying in a different area, or even in a quieter town or village, it is still likely that there will be some sort of celebration taking place.

February in the Algarve
Carnival Algarve

This year the carnival theme is ‘The Great Shipwreck’ so expect many amazing costumes and incredible floats. Friday is kids day and there are plenty of child-friendly activities taking place that children will just love.

February in the Algarve is a fantastic time of year to visit. So if you are looking for a great deal, pleasant weather and plenty of fun, the Algarve could be the perfect choice for you.

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