What to do in the Algarve in March?

March in the Algarve
Flowers in March


Is March the perfect time to visit the Algarve? It might just be. Still considered an ‘out of season’ month, March in the Algarve is actually a fantastic time of year to visit where the weather is warming up, yet you are free of the crowds. This means that glorious beach days, exciting afternoons exploring the towns and cities, as well as sampling the delicious local food and drink all with personal attention from the waiting staff are just some of the elements you can enjoy on your trip to the Algarve in March.


While the Algarve has a great programme of events available to holiday makers and locals alike all year round, the Algarve in March has a few particularly special events which make it well worth looking into this as your holiday destination this Easter. Check with Algarve Housing for available villas in the Algarve!

Did you know that the Algarve boasts over 300 days of sunshine each year? And with the colder, more wintery months out of the way you can expect warm, sunny days which are perfect for exploring the stunning beaches and exquisite countryside that the Algarve has to offer. The Algarve in March is the perfect month to go on boat trips, and to admire the beautiful cliffs, as well as the glorious spring flowers that can be found in abundance at this time of year. Remember to back a warm jumper or two for the evenings though!

The colder months can mean that many usually bustling tourist attractions close, as there simply aren’t enough people visiting to make it worth their while staying open. However March see’s many of those opening their doors once more, which is particularly useful for families who may want to schedule in some fun, family friendly activities as well as soaking up the sun, sea and sand and enjoying the local history and culture of the area.

March in the Algarve
Festival hot bread and fresh cheese-Alcoutim

One of the most anticipated events that takes place 9 March in the Algarve is the Festival of Hot bread and fresh cheese (Feira do Pão Quente e Queijo Fresco) which takes place in Vaqueiros- Alcoutim. This is a celebration of delicious food, and many market stalls will line the streets where you can sample local produce. The fair has a fun and friendly atmosphere which makes it perfect for families with children too.

March in the Algarve
Sausage festival Monchique

The Traditional Sausage Fair in Monchique is another great March event for food lovers, and the Gastronomy Festival of the Serra in Tavira (March/April) is also sure to delight.

Of course, this year Easter falls in March and so why not celebrate in style at the Feira de Doces d’Avó at Easter in Alcoutim? This is a fantastic event for adults and children alike where you can not only stuff yourself silly with delicious local homemade treats, but also sit back and relax, listening to live local music. There are plenty of activities for the kids too, such as children’s games, traditional egg painting and face painting too!

So there you have it, some fantastic tips on what to do in the Algarve in March. It really is a wonderful time of year to explore this beautiful part of the world, so what are you waiting for?

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