Winter in the Algarve

winter in the AlgarveWinter (weather) in the Algarve

It might still seem far away, but soon, winter will be knocking on your door again. The Algarve is a great option to break the often long, cold& wet, tedious, winters of northern Europe. Although weather is never totally predictable, chances are big you will be treated to sunny days while staying during winter in the Algarve, because the Algarve boasts a mere 300 days of sunshine in a year.

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Rain in the Algarve?

When it rains in during the winter in the Algarve, it usually lasts a day or two, rather than the weeks on end grey weather you have to get through in the northern countries, and then there comes the sun again, to shine even brighter after the sky has been washed. December is the wettest month, but even then, the average number of rain days is twelve, while in November it is only seven, in January nine and in February a mere five. Leaves you plenty of sunshine to explore the Algarve and get your vitamin D.

Temperatures in the Algarve

You can still expect temperatures of above twenty degrees in the sun during winter. It happens quite regularly that it is perfectly possible to take a New Year’s dive in the sea without needing to be superman. Average temperatures vary between 16 to 19 degrees, but as soon as you sit in the sun, you can take off your jumpers and soak in that enjoyable warmth without being roasted.  And if no wind, on a sunny day, be not surprised to see people sunbathing in bikini and swim shorts (or naked)!

In the evening, temperatures can drop to around 10 degrees, but be assured that it never freezes! If you rent a house with a wood-burning stove, you will be delighted to warm yourself at the fire. Otherwise, a heater will do the job during the chilly evenings.

Hiking Central Algarve

Things to do during winter in the Algarve

The mild climate in the Algarve is perfect for outdoor activities. There is no greater joy than to go hiking or biking in Nature without having the risk of sunstroke, in the beautiful light of the winter sun. Playing golf is also much more pleasant in the not so hot winter temperatures rather than when the sun increasingly hits you hard. And when there is a day of rain, it is the perfect occasion to visit one of the many museums in a city, attend a good classical concert or go shopping in one of the big malls the Algarve possesses.

Plenty of reasons to spent some time during winter in the Algarve. And if you get a day of rain, do not despair and bear in mind that water is so much needed in this southern region. It is needed to keep the water availability for the population and all those visitors steady during the entire year. It is needed to keep nature lush. So a day of rain is a gift of the sky that also has a positive impact on your stay in the Algarve. You will see, if you look around yourself, how happy the plants and the trees will look and how even more beautiful the Algarve will be. Enjoy!

Are you looking for a long winter stay in the Algarve?

We give a few options below. Long stays, give better prices! Mostly prices are per month, with heating exclusive. Mostly long stays are from 1 till 3 months, this depends on the owner of the property. Please contact me for further details.

Winter let prices

Algarve Housing has nice winter let prices for staying 1 month or more in the Algarve Portugal. Some holiday houses have a minimum stay of 1 month, some 2 or 3 months.

Most properties have a monthly price with electricity/heating separate. This will be paid according to your consumption. Meter readings will be done on the day of your arrival and departure or every month depends how long you staying. This is the most, fair deal we can offer. Heating can be by an air-conditioning unit that also has warm air, wood burner and/or electric heaters. Logs for the wood burner can be arranged.

More winter rentals, check out our winter rental page!

Which months are winter months in Portugal?

The winter months, meaning the low season months in the Algarve, starting the first of November till the first of April.

We like to show you a few properties suitable for long stay in the winter:

More winter let villas you can find on the winter rentals web page

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any further details regarding winter rentals in Portugal!

Ferragudo Elements

Ferragudo Elements has 4 holiday houses with every 3 floors, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, air-conditioning for hot air. Located in the centre of Ferragudo with private gym, bicycles, kayaks and pool table.

Winter rent per month: 1100 euros ex water and electricity

More two 1 bedroom apartments for cheaper price, check with me for details.

Minimum stay: 1 month

Quinta Rustica

Rustic farmhouse just outside picturesque Ferragudo. 4 houses with private terraces, and nice wood burner. Only left available: house 4. Ideal for your winter in the Algarve!

Upstairs 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, and downstairs 1 bedroom and bathroom.

Pets allowed

Winter rent per month: 850 per month exclusive electricity, ex logs for wood burner.

Minimum stay: 3 months

Casa Brazil

Casa Brazil is a modern townhouse in Ferragudo. Walking distance to the beach and the centre of picturesque Ferragudo.

Bedrooms: 2 plus sofa bed in the lounge

Private pool.

Monthly rent: € 1000 ex electricity and logs for the wood burner.

Lagos Apartments

2 apartments in the centre of Lagos! Nicely decorated. Both have 1 bedroom.

1. 1 bedroom, double bed (but can be 2 singles). With aircon that give hot air

2. 2 bedrooms, 1 double, one twin bedroom. wall plates and hot air blowers. No TV

€ 800 per month, ex electricity and wifi included. More info and pictures, contact me!!!!

Minimum stay 1 month.

Casa Gloria

Casa Gloria, beautiful countryside villa north of Alcantarilha.

Bedrooms: 4 en-suite.

Very nice and warm villa with underfloor heating, wood burner, well insulated. Located between orange groves, not far from the beach and historic Silves.

Monthly winter rent: € 1250. Minimum stay for 3 months. ex utilities.





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