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What is the winter look like in the Algarve? What temperatures has January?

Questions I receive very often, together with an enquiry for multiple months rent for a winter in the Algarve.

Unique winters

As every villa is unique so are the winters in the Algarve. Like last winter, October and November, during the day it was still 30 degrees! And it was dry for many, many more months. We all were worried, if it stays like this, we will have a huge water shortage problem!!! But it did change, I cannot remember exactly when, but late in the winter, I think it was February, maybe March, it started raining. Lots of rain, between some sunny days, don’t worry!

Be aware!

But the biggest part was sunny and warm during the day, and clear blue skies. This also involves cold at night! Nice, this sunny, clear blue sky weather, but be aware, it is cold at night! So bring some warm clothes too!


Generally houses in the Algarve do not have central heating, and are not as good insulated as houses in northern countries. Beside this, houses can be damp, and a damp house is hard to heat.  Although night temperatures vary roughly from 4 till 16 degrees, it can be cold at night and you need good heating! During the day it can go up to 30 degrees, but that is an exeption! Around 20 is more common. But I have to be honest, it can be stormy and rainy weather too!

How to heat?

A woodburner is nice, but you need to know how to work with this. Many villas have air-con units. Underfloor heating is also possible. And electricity in the Algarve is costly. So be aware of this! We do not want you to be cold!

Winter villas Algarve

We have a few villas on our list that are still available for winter rentals Algarve. We only offer villas we think they are suitable for the winter.

Click on picture for more information and pictures. CONTACT ME FOR MORE INFO

algarve winter rentals
Casa Alfanzina

Casa Alfanzina

Located: Carvoeiro

Bedrooms: 3

Rent: 1200 euros/month

algarve winter rentals
Wooden Chalet

Casa Madeira

Located: Between Portimao and Lagos, near Odiaxere

Bedrooms: 2

Rent: 1200/month

winter in the Algarve
Casa Brazil

Casa Brazil

Location: Ferragudo townhouse

Bedrooms: 2

Rent: 1250/month

winter in the Algarve
Casa Luzia

Casa Luzia

Location: Monte Boi near Messines

Bedrooms: main house 3, plus annex

Rent: 1500/month


For all the mentioned rent: exclusive bills, this depends per house, and always according consumption: you pay what you use. The monthly rent is value after 2 or 3 months (depends on house owner). CONTACT ME FOR MORE INFORMATION

Please check our winter rental page, for more villas suitable for winter let in the Algarve.

This article about winter rentals Algarve, has been brought to you by Algarve Housing, for unique villas Algarve.

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