Algarve Weather – What´s it like at this time of year?

Algarve Weather – We are often asked “What´s the weather like in The Algarve in November”
So, we shot a very short video last weekend to show you:

As I write this, it´s 19 degrees C outside, that´s 66F, and there´s not a cloud in the sky. Again.

Of course it rains sometimes and we get cloudy days too but on the other hand we have had 10 straight days of clear skies and glorious sunhine.

We were photographing a villa, here in Algarve, yesterday and here is one of the photos from that shoot, this really shows what the sky is like at this time of year, (no photoshop here), far better than video can show.

Blue skies and winter sun
Blue skies and winter sun

If you would like to know more about Algarve weather at this time of year or more about this luxury Algarve villa then please contact me, Michele [at] or call me on ++351 963 717 094

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