Winter in the Algarve?

Winter break in the Algarve???

Algarve Housing can help you!!!!

For the Northern Europeans, Canadian & other North Americans, winter stretches from the October to the end of March. At least 5 months with temperatures below 0º for weeks on end and even colder with the wind chill factor.
Everything is covered with snow. It has even been known to snow on Easter weekend. With these winter conditions, it’s no wonder the idea of finding warmth in the winter is paramount. Many have discovered that what the Portuguese call ‘winter’ , the Canadians call ‘a stroll in the sun’. The golf courses are green, the delicate pink and white Almond blossoms bloom in January and masses of wild flowers cover the countryside from February to May: fields are blanketed with crimson red poppies or bright yellow buttercups with wild orchids hiding among them, all swaying in the warm spring breezes. Amazing lemons the size of oranges and oranges the size of grape fruits! And the sweet taste of these oranges is delicious!

Clear blue skies and sunshine are a very big plus. The great food at reasonable prices and excellent local wine is a big PLUS of the Algarve.
Portugal satisfies all these criteria and more! The Portuguese serve very good food, even in the smallest restaurants. Every small restaurant in towns, offer genuine home cooked meals, usually with a meat and fish dish on the daily special. Good bottle of wine for under €3 in a store. And €10 in a restaurant. AND good winter long-stay rates and good prices on car rentals. All these conditions are in abundance in the Algarve, especially now during these difficult economic times.

Guests in Portugal are most welcome. They are happy to bask in the ‘winter’ sun, all afternoon, while having lunch at a beach café, or while strolling along the beaches in the heat of the day.
Shopping lovers will discover the little boutiques in Old Town Albufeira, Alvor, Lagos, or Portimão that have some of the most unique finds: hand embroidered linen tablecloths, beautiful baby clothes, leather shoes and colourful ceramics and exquisite jewellery.

Please contact me for our special winter break villas in the Algarve, or have a look at our winter rental page!

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